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Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Sony SAB Mangalam Dangalam Kabhi Pyaar Kabhi Vaar Know About Cast & the Show
Sony SAB Mangalam Dangalam Kabhi Pyaar Kabhi Vaar Know About Cast & the Show

Mangalam Dangalam Kabhi Pyaar Kabhi Vaar is a comedy serial and Sony SAB TV is being screened. It has started broadcasting on November 13, 2018. Mangalam Danglam is a comedy serial, based on the father-in-law and son-in-law's noses. Let's know some interesting things about the Mangalam Dangalam serial.

  • Channel: Sony SAB TV
  • Serial: Mangalam Dangalam “Kabhi Pyaar Kabhi Vaar”
  • Starting Date: 13/November/2018
  • Time: 7:30PM Mon to Fri

Mangalam Dangalam Kabhi Pyaar Kabhi Vaar Cast

Talk about characters like Manoj Joshi (Sanjeev), you will be seen in the role of father-in-law, they have a daughter whose role is being played by Manisha Rawat (Rumi). Karanveer Sharma (Arjun) has been selected to play the role of son-in-law.

Apart from this you will also see Anjali Gupta and Pravisht Mishra.

About the Show

Arjun is the son of the South Indian family living in Indore who meets the simple but miraculous Rumi.

Arjun and Rumi love each other, but at that time the situation becomes difficult when Arjun becomes very compulsive to celebrate Rumi's father Sanjiva for marriage.

After this, the fight between Arjun and Sanjeev begins where one wants to take the Rumi and the other wants to stop him from going.

Mangalam Dangalam – Kabhi Pyaar Kabhi Vaar is a family and comedy serial that you can watch with your full family members. Now to see, how much people like it, because there has not made any serial on the story of son-in-law and father-in-law.

Thursday, November 1, 2018

Hyundai Santro 2018
Hyundai Santro 2018

Hyundai Santro has returned after 4 years. Meanwhile, in this section are kept strong legs by other cars, but Santro has also returned with full preparations. This car, like the family class, has come to target the family. Let's talk about these features of the new Santro:

  • Design
  • Interior
  • Place
  • Features
  • Performance

Hyundai Santro 2018 - Design
Hyundai Santro 2018 - Design


Although the old Centro has come to India, its design is a new beginning. Now back in New Centro has tried something new. The new attempt is to create a car that will not only be selected for the family class but also the hope for the generation of today. Looking at the new center at first glance, it seems that Hyundai's design team has succeeded in its efforts in a big way.

The front part of the car is the most aggressive design. Here's the signature of Hyundai's Dominant Cascade Grill Front Look. On one hand, it looks great; on the other hand, those who have tremendous thinking are afraid to think. Efforts have been made to look at the boring back and back in front by providing creases and cracking lines in place design. Looking back, you feel that Grandma is the sister of 10. Talking about Over-the-Look, here we look at balances, which keep both young and family members together.

Hyundai Santro 2018 - Interior
Hyundai Santro 2018 - Interior

The interior

The interior also seems to be one step ahead of its class. The quality of the plastic will definitely look weak than the hyundai standard, but it is best for these sections. Many small attempts have been made to make the car's cabin moody. Turbine-lagging AC ventures are given in such directions that look excellent. In most Mercedes cars, you get such designs. Light up the gold dashboard enhances the beauty of the space. If you choose a sports type with its green color, you can get internal inside green inside objects, which are sporty with the black dashboard.

Hyundai Santro 2018 - Place
Hyundai Santro 2018 - Place


The new centro is older and larger. However, the height has been reduced, which is a perfect move by today's choice, but this car is practically still a toll-boy. The space is very large, which makes it easier to sit in the car. The front space is spacious and a flat seat is also provided in the backside so that 3 people get more space. However, 3 people may not be configurable for long journeys, but the company has been surprised by the rear ace vent. Because this is a family car, your family members will also get good cooling of AC by sitting behind the summer season. There is plenty of room in the cabin to hold water bottles, cups and other small items.

Hyundai Santro 2018 - Features
Hyundai Santro 2018 - Features


This Segment Segment is available for the first time with 7-inch touchscreen, which includes Apple Car Play, Android Auto and Mirror Links. It can be a big reason to choose a young person. Driver airbags and ABS-EBT security have been provided in all types. Dual airbags are available in top versions. All features like remote key-less, reverse parking camera and sensor, electric ORVM and nightclub are available. Lack of low capacity is a driver seat with high suspension, tilt steering and alloy mix.
Hyundai Santro 2018 - Performance
Hyundai Santro 2018 - Performance


The 1.1-liter 4-cylinder gasoline engine is very simple and power delivery is fantastic, there is no shock. This engine gives a lot of power in city traffic with around 68 bhp capacity and works well on the highway, but there is no shortage of electricity when going to high speed traffic.

Without the 5-speed manual gearbox, there is also an option for AMT. AMT is the largest USP of the car. The company did not outsource itself and developed an in-house in the 1.1-liter engine. That's better than the other AMT cars. During the 150 km train we saw both this city and highway running and it was almost like a traditional automated car. Nowadays, AMT cars are the best choice for traffic. For this, you have to spend an additional of 40 to 50 thousand rupees, but music does not give anything to it.

The suspension of the car is set in such a way that the people sitting in the car remain well at its handling and comfort level. The company is also offering factory-equipped CNG variants, which is 30 miles away. One kilogram is being taken in CNG.

Who will be fighting?

Maruti Suzuki's Celery, Wagon-R, Tata Tegago will fight directly. Recently, Datsun has entered a new avatar, it will be in the race too. In terms of features, design and build quality, it is more powerful on other cars, but this segment is quite price-sensitive. There are many discounts on other cars in the segment, but a clever budget will definitely break another option. This car looks more like its full package.

Thursday, October 25, 2018

Some Simple Tips That Change Your Life
Some Simple Tips That Change Your Life

These 35 suggestions make you feel independent, healthy and more important and therefore more positive about life. Step by step, you can incorporate it into your everyday life, and even if you cannot always manage to stay at the top of everything, it may still be an important signal in your life.

Be honest

Do not lie. Be honest with yourself and your fellow human. Do not fool yourself and do not be afraid to accept mistakes.

Be Humble

Businesses and Objects often give you false feelings of safety and self-esteem. Nearly one emotion "I have something, now I am something" but they do not add permanent value to real life.

Get the middle

Gradually and life is just more fun. Take your time to your activities. Be Lighter

Stay alive at this time

All our worries and plans about the future are present only in our heads. They often scare us from what's happening.

Be risky

Sometimes try absolutely without goals and goals. Accepting unpredictable things suddenly becomes very easy.

Be free from debts or debt

Debt is weak and we get more strength and strength rather than return to the quality of life.

For being authentic

Be realistic. Listen to your heart and go your way. Try to avoid self-image enormous with simple techniques.

Go to travel

Travel and stay in other countries. Foreign cultures and different languages and new cultures will open your horizons, reduce your prejudices and change forever.

Be very satisfied

To avoid grief and anxiety, separate yourself from the things you do not need. Or from people

Become a role model

It is difficult for me to encourage or explain people, but I can easily inspire them with their actions.

Be Unique

Do not always be in the crowd. Find something yourself, do your own thing, do your own thing

Feel free to think

Do not think too much about what can happen and try not to control yourself with your thoughts. In the meantime, close your head for a little while and try to feel your breath.

Make mistakes

There is an easy way to learn something to do something bad or wrong. Although it often hurts for mistakes, this experience is important for helping to avoid or avoid further mistakes in the future.

Be eager

Try better and try anything. At least you know how it does not work. (This is only partly true in the paragraph)

Eating healthy

Vegetarian food is also attractive for change. It should not be a creature on a plate every day.

Be Easy

There are some things that are like nature, bullying, kissing or loyal good friends. All of these are free.

To be comfortable

Health does not occur overnight. Like a beer belly, it does not come overnight. Everyone can get a fitter and once it gets fit, it is very easy to stay right.

Be careful

Just keep an eye on the head and you remember how many wonderful things are happening. Be careful to help you become more attentive.


Free movement exercises are strong and healthy. Not only the body but also the mind. The number of nature is possible.

Be disappointed

Just hope for you and if you cannot do that, then actually customize it.

Be Fool

Better to give and if you give it, do not expect anything from it.


Better to do things together, in "Competition" in front of each other. These days everything seems to be a competition. Everyone wants to be the best. But the fact is that people become better with "cooperative" people.

Be thankful

Thanksgiving brings you happiness. Entertain yourself as often as possible with older or intelligent people; you can often learn to be more grateful.

Eat well

It does not matter that someone eats meat, but at least you should know that intelligent animals will have to suffer so much in their lifetime. Learn to listen to your body.

Do not add to it

Less alcohol and any cigarette will help you without pain. The body is very fast for a new, healthy lifestyle.

Be calm

Do not always worry. Often, when we are severe or depressed, it is a radius that is considered completely inconvenient for some days or hours, or has forgotten it completely. Learn to be comfortable

Be Playful

Run, run, dance or move anyway

No desire

Learn to live and meet some of the time and you'll be less "disappointed". Know that disappointment is a good thing. This is the end of fraud.

Stay on the road

Do not believe everything Make Your Opinion Although the German language is often considered to be negative, there is nothing wrong with the obstacle.

To accept

Many times, we make decisions about people without knowing anything about them. I believe that other people who do for them have a good reason or meaning. With a neutral situation, inspect those events or actions in you.

Be natural

Time for unexpected If you need a diary, you will have to do a lot of things, unless you have short-term memory.

Stay in childhood

Instead of having an adult's life on our children, we can try to be a child often.

Be brave

Anyone can handle any anxiety and suspicion well and knowing that they can remove it to a degree, based on those assumptions or previously experienced people. Do not repeat the fantasies, which are almost never real and experienced.

Be open to new things

Even if I certainly learned something in all my travels, I always thought that I know so much, I do not know about anything and I have often been wrong in my beliefs. I hope every day I get better suggestions and sleep a little more deftly in bed.

Enjoy life

Our life is very small. Even when we become old, we make a long time to spend on the planet. Often one person may think that there is still time left, but this idea can pull us back from life.

Abraham is one of Lincoln's most beloved quotes "and ultimately, this will not count as many years in your life." This is life in your life. "So this is not the year in your life that is counted in your years but in life.

In one second, life can end because we know it. The best part is that you enjoy every moment and do not count the time and time in time, but in the impressions and emotions

Have you done well before today?

Now you have a great chance, because if you share this article, then your environment and thus, you essentially change it in a positive way.

Monday, October 22, 2018

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai
Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai is a Hindi comedy serial that is broadcast on TV and the serial starts from Aasif Sheikh (Vibhuti Narayan Mishra), Rohitash Gaud (Manmohan Tiwari), Saumya Tandon (Anita) and Shubhangi Atre Poore (Angoori).   

This story is of two neighboring couples - the first pair is Manmohan and his wife Angori, and the second pair revolves around Vibhuti and his wife Anita, who live in the modern colony of Kolkatta.

Both men are engaged in attracting each other's wifes and do not leave any chance to influence them, which often they are frugged in strange situations.

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai Serial Full Cast

  • Aasif Sheikh as Vibhuti Narayan Mishra
  • Rohitash Gaud as Manmohan Tiwari
  • Saumya Tandon as Anita
  • Shubhangi Atre Poore as Angoori
  • Yogesh Tripathi as Daroga Happu Singh
  • Saanand Verma as Anokhelal Saxena
  • Kishore Bhanushali as Resham Pal Singh
  • Vaibhav Mathur as Teeka Ram
  • Deepesh Bhan as Malkhan
  • Salim Zaidi as Tillu
  • Soma Rathod as Ramkali Tiwari (Amma Ji)
  • Falguni Rajani as Gulfam Kali
  • Vishwajeet Soni as Prem Chaudhary
  • Akshay Patil as Pelu Chaurasia
  • Anup Upadhyay as David Mishra
  • Jeetu Gupta as Dr. Gupta
  • Rakesh Bedi as Bhoorey Lal
  • Saurabh kaushik as pandit ji
  • Hardik Gohil as Laddoo Tiwari
  • Anup Kumar Singh as Pundit Ramphal
  • Naveen Bawa as various characters
  • Feroz as Chhedi
  • Sohit Vijay Soni as News Anchor and also as Various Characters.
  • Rajeev Mehra as various characters

Asif Shaikh

Aasif Sheikh
Aasif Sheikh

Asif Shaikh alias Vibuti Narayan Mishra was born in Delhi 01 01/1964 in Delhi. They were very mischievous and fun from childhood. Talk about his educational qualification, he has a degree in hotel management.

Asif Shaikh Married is his wife named Zeba and his two children are also a daughter - Mary Sheikh and a son - Alija Shaikh.

From 1986 to 2016, he played in nearly 65 films and worked in 28 serials from 1984 to 2018. Asif Shaikh wanted to become an actor right from childhood and his first debut movie, Mukaddar Ka Sikandar.

He signed Hindi movie at the age of 27, which was named Yara Dildara, which was released in 1991, in which he leads. And he was awarded the Best Actor ITA Award for Bhabi Ji Ghar Par Hai in 2016.

Thursday, October 18, 2018

6 Motivation Killer - You Need to Know
6 Motivation Killer - You Need to Know

Those who are motivated grow beyond themselves. Even difficult tasks are therefore to be created. Often, however, demotivation dominates. But what holds us back and how can we fight these blocks of unity?

Killer motivation:

  • Money
  • Congratulations
  • Distraction
  • Delay
  • Relax
  • Optimism


Killer Motivation - Money
Killer Motivation - Money

For many supervisors, as well as for most employees, a salary increase is considered an effective motivational injection. An expensive mistake! "Money donations run the risk of reducing intrinsic self-motivation instead of promoting it," says psychologist Edward Deci. Motivation: the more people concentrate on the financial reward system, the less they are concerned with satisfying their curiosity and learning new skills. In fact, studies show that an increase in salary for up to two months increases an employee's motivation level. So go back to the level before going up. The exception is monotonous activities; here an increase in salary can increase motivation. In general, experts advice that the work of employees is as varied and responsible as possible, thus maintaining the so-called intrinsic level of motivation that arises from our own impulse.


Killer Motivation - Congratulations
Killer Motivation - Congratulations

Experts are now convinced: employee compliments and quickly lose their effect. The motivational researcher Steffen Kirchner advises, therefore, to pay attention to the following three things when he praises: it must be 1. Rare, 2. Surprising, 3. Related to the person. "Motivation is the emotional trace of a human being," says Kirchner. The better you know the more specific you can irritate and therefore cause behavioral changes.


Killer Motivation - Distraction
Killer Motivation - Distraction

"Every new impulse ensures that dopamine is released into the brain, which in turn causes the brain to reward us for not focusing more, we want to relive good feelings and depend on distraction," says neuroscientist Daniel Levitin. To successfully combat the distraction of the motivating killer, experts recommend working in a tidy environment, sticking to the high-powered brain times (9 am to 12 noon and 3 pm to 5 pm) and creating lists priorities.


Killer Motivation - Deley
Killer Motivation - Deley

Tomorrow's tax return for next week's sport will cease smoking next year: many people suffer from the so-called "Aufschieberitis" which drops our motivation level to zero. Three strategies, in particular, help: tell friends about their plans, set a deadline and start first with the most unpleasant part of the project.


Killer Motivation - Relax
Killer Motivation - Relax

Many see stress as one of the greatest motivational killers of all time. Reason: stress is not healthy; it makes you sick and fat. All right, but only if it is a negative stress. However, there is also a positive stress, called Eustress, and the effect is exactly the opposite, that is, highly motivating. Stress is positive if we can disperse alone and allow ourselves to act. For example, if you want to develop your muscles, you need to load them, and then stress them. And our willpower is also a type of muscle that can be strengthened with stress and tension. "The important thing is to make sense of the stress you are doing, otherwise it will not be motivating", explains Steffen Kirchner.


Killer Motivation - Optimism
Killer Motivation - Optimism

"Most people stop thinking about what will happen," says former SEAL marine instructor SE Eric Greitens. Reason: they only see the general picture and this seems impossible to create. "Anyone who focuses completely on the next moment keeps going," says Greitens. Even psychologists are now convinced that thinking "thinking big" can be a motivational killer. His motto: dear little goals instead of great visions. Those who have established micro-goals have proven to be more likely to give up bad habits than optimists and dreamers who set extremely high goals. Example: take off and keep five kilos, more than ten kilos, and then increase again.

Sunday, October 14, 2018

We have a very good surprise for HTC fans. In India emerged the HTC U12 Life mid-range smartphone. The terminal has medium technical specifications, interesting design and a low price (unfortunately).

There is a possibility of online sale of HTC U12 Life in India. You will find out what we will say in the following lines.

HTC U12 Life Mid-Range Smartphone - 4GB, 64GB, 6-inch Diagonal Screen & Good Specifications
HTC U12 Life Mid-Range Smartphone - 4GB, 64GB, 6-inch Diagonal Screen & Good Specifications

1. Snapdragon 636 power pack and large capacity battery

The reason why the price of the 1700 lei seems to be high the Qualcomm Snapdragon 636 chipset. It is a very good medium range chipset but a terminal like Xiaomi redmi note 5, which comes with the same SD636.

The terminal has several facilities that are more interesting and attractive.

We leave this part and concentrate on what is the HTC U12 Life smartphone. We have 4GB of RAM, ROM and 64GB 3600mAh (charging practice charging 5V / 2A 10W).

For a Snapdragon 636 device, it is absolutely unbelievable that the ROM is UFS 2.1. All we can say is HTC Bravo! We can expect U12 Life to be very fast when it comes to installing applications.

As for the RAM, 4GB of RAM (LPDDR4X) is more than enough for a very intense multitasking.

HTC U12 Life Mid-Range Smartphone - 4GB, 64GB, 6-inch Diagonal Screen & Good Specifications
HTC U12 Life Mid-Range Smartphone - 4GB, 64GB, 6-inch Diagonal Screen & Good Specifications

2. 6-inch diagonal screen and good specifications to very good.

The smartphone wants to please people who love phablets with a huge diagonal. Therefore, we are getting a large 6 inch panel with the following: IPS LCD matrix, 18: 9 ratio, Full HD + (2160 x 1080 pixels) and 402PPI.

We also want to remind you that the screen has a curved body screen ratio of 77.7 percent and rigid thanks to the curved 2.5D glass. The combination of FHD + and high resolution diagonal is ideal for relaxing and fun activities like games and YouTube.

HTC U12 Life Mid-Range Smartphone - 4GB, 64GB, 6-inch Diagonal Screen & Good Specifications
HTC U12 Life Mid-Range Smartphone - 4GB, 64GB, 6-inch Diagonal Screen & Good Specifications

3. Superior connectivity and different sensors.

Little by little, we started to clarify why the HTC U12 Life has such a high price. The connectivity side is really high-end.

NFC, Bluetooth 5.0, WiFi 802.11 a / b / g / n / ac, 4G LTE Cat 11 600 / 75Mbps, 4G VoLTE dual, USB type C, fingerprint scanner, face release
Sensors: ambient light, proximity light, G movement (pedometer movement), compass, magnetic sensor, gyroscope
Classic features: 3.5 mm connector, dual SIM slot, MicroSD slot (max 256 GB), GPS / GLONASS, direct WiFi, WiFi hotspot

HTC U12 Life Mid-Range Smartphone - 4GB, 64GB, 6-inch Diagonal Screen & Good Specifications
HTC U12 Life Mid-Range Smartphone - 4GB, 64GB, 6-inch Diagonal Screen & Good Specifications

4. "Concrete" double chamber system and double speaker system.

The HTC U12 Life smartphone is a double camera with excellent features. From the beginning, we want to remember that the 16MP + 5MP sensor pair is able to capture 4K video at 30 fps.

The camera has Video Pic, which captures the image during 4K movies. Regarding the rest of the features, they do not disappoint. We find phase detection (PDAF) autofocus, dual LED flash, F2.0 aperture, Bokeh function, panorama mode and HDR.

With this new phone, HTC has been designed by people who frequently consume the media. Therefore, the smartphone has an audio system with stereo speakers (one speaker is on the bottom edge, the other is positioned next to the speaker).

Considering HTC's vast experience in producing powerful audio systems (HTC One M7 / M8 / M9), we have high expectations that the two speakers will be able to offer quality sound.

HTC U12 Life Mid-Range Smartphone - 4GB, 64GB, 6-inch Diagonal Screen & Good Specifications
HTC U12 Life Mid-Range Smartphone - 4GB, 64GB, 6-inch Diagonal Screen & Good Specifications


The HTC U12 Life has on board the Android 8.1 Oreo operating system (HTC Sense Graphics Interface). The interface of HTC Sense is the one that maintains the "feeling" of the actions of Android, and this is a great advantage.

For selfies, there is a front panel with powerful features: 13 MP sensor, BSI sensor, F2.0 aperture, LED flash, HDR, beautifying mode, 1080p video and video image (image capture when shooting).

In terms of design, the smartphone has an elegant look and a high quality assembly (glass on the front, Plexiglas on the back and glossy plastic on the edges). Given the high price, we would have preferred to have metal at the edges.

HTC U12 Life Mid-Range Smartphone - 4GB, 64GB, 6-inch Diagonal Screen & Good Specifications
HTC U12 Life Mid-Range Smartphone - 4GB, 64GB, 6-inch Diagonal Screen & Good Specifications

The design is thin, 8.3 mm in size, and the case is painted blue (the version available for us in the country).

The HTC U12 Life smartphone is a mid-range model. The only thing that breaks down (a lot) this new device is too high a price.

Thursday, October 11, 2018

Tips For Skin Care in Winter
Tips For Skin Care in Winter

The sun's harmful rays in the sun are a major threat to our skin, it is a big burden with cold and cold air. Here are 12 simple tips to protect your skin this season.

  • See Fit for the Season
  • Only Complete Products
  • Not Included in Your Hands
  • See Your Perfume Clothes
  • Careful with Dry Skin
  • Solution Time for Skin Problems
  • Take a Shower
  • Use Shower Cream or Oil
  • Taking Time
  • Get Bolt Water and Omega-3
  • Protect Your Lips
  • Special Care for Feet

See fit for the season

Tips For Skin Care in Winter - See Fit for the Season
Tips For Skin Care in Winter - See Fit for the Season

When you buy skin care products in the winter months, when you choose your clothes, apply the method you have chosen. If you prefer clothes made of coarse and thick cloth for heat when buying clothes; When buying skin care products, always consider the convenience of the weather.

Never Use Single Product

Tips For Skin Care in Winter - Never Use Single Product
Tips For Skin Care in Winter - Never Use Single Product

If we still give examples of clothes; In the summer, we wear thin clothes and in winter we wear coats to protect from cold. This is also the case with cosmetic use. While a product is enough in the summer, it can be useful to use different products in winter. For example, the use of moisturizer, whey and care cream gives better results.

Protecting Hands

Tips For Skin Care in Winter- Protecting Hands
Tips For Skin Care in Winter- Protecting Hands

We must protect our hands especially in the cold and airy weather in winter. Otherwise, our skin gets dry, itching and cracking happens. Do not forget to apply gloves and creams on hand before going. Every time hands are always dry after using the soap process.

See your perfume clothes

Tips For Skin Care in Winter - See your perfume clothes
Tips For Skin Care in Winter - See your perfume clothes

Some dermatologists recommend not to use perfume in winter. This is because the perfume is likely to dry skin skin. But if you do not do perfume, you can keep your skin dry with a simple formula: just squeeze the aroma on your clothes!

Careful with Dry Skin

Tips For Skin Care in Winter - Careful with Dry Skin
Tips For Skin Care in Winter - Careful with Dry Skin

If you have dry skin, do not use toned alcohol. From the age of 20, it is possible to start special whey blisters such as dermococcotic products around the eyes.

Solution time for skin problems

Tips For Skin Care in Winter - Solution time for skin problems
Tips For Skin Care in Winter - Solution time for skin problems

If there are problems like spot, wrinkle and reducing skin, then winter is the best time to find solutions. Some applications should be done in winter, especially when the sun is not active. For example, as laser applications for facial skin.

Take a shower

Tips For Skin Care in Winter - Take Shower
Tips For Skin Care in Winter - Take Shower

Do not leave the bath in winter. Take hot rains frequently and make sure to use humidifier after shower.

Use shower cream or oil

Tips For Skin Care in Winter -Shower Cream or Oil
Tips For Skin Care in Winter -Shower Cream or Oil

In winter, the shower likes to use shower cream or shower oil instead of the gel. Because creams and oils provide less water, it gives moisture to your skin. It also reduces exfoliation.

Taking Time

Tips For Skin Care in Winter - Taking Time
Tips For Skin Care in Winter - Taking Time

The best time to peel the winter body and face. To keep a healthy and beautiful skin, you must first clean the dead cells. Therefore, it is possible to get maximum benefit from feeder care products.

Get Bolt Water and Omega-3

Tips For Skin Care in Winter - Get Bolt Water and Omega-3
Tips For Skin Care in Winter - Get Bolt Water and Omega-3

Drink plenty of water not only in the summer but also in winter. Even if we do not have such thirst, our skin needs water. Omega-3 support is also very useful for skin. Eat salmon and walnuts

Protect your lips

Tips For Skin Care in Winter - Protect your lips
Tips For Skin Care in Winter - Protect your lips

Due to the cold, our lips start to burst. Moiston lips with lotions before going to bed. During the day, you can use lip balm without cooling. Lick your lips and stop eating ice cubes!

Special care for feet

Tips For Skin Care in Winter - Special care for feetfeet
Tips For Skin Care in Winter - Special care for feetfeet

Always apply a moisturizing lotion on the feet after each bath. Apply glycerin-rich lotion to keep your feet soft.
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