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Friday, August 31, 2018

Meet the Turmeric Milk and Its Many Benefits
Meet the Turmeric Milk and Its Many Benefits
The main ingredient of this milk is turmeric. A spice originally in India belonging to the same ginger family, is used for medicinal purposes, but also as food or supplement for some.

Turmeric has many properties to help the joints function properly, making them more flexible, purifying the blood, eliminating calcium deposits in the body and relieving the pain caused by impacts.

Golden milk has anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and analgesic properties and helps fight acne and reduce wrinkles. But the benefits do not end there because it improves digestion and helps reduce inflammation of the abdomen. It is ideal for these cold days because it accelerates the immune system and protects against respiratory diseases.

The golden milk is very healthy and easy to prepare, they serve only 500 ml of rice or coconut milk, a spoonful of honey, two sticks of cinnamon and the main ingredient ... a teaspoon of turmeric. Heat all the ingredients in a pot and you're done! You can have a cup a day and you'll see the results immediately.


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