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Sunday, September 23, 2018

If you have a pet or want to keep, see 5 key things

  • Want to become a pet owner, become a sweet friend, but do not know what situations?
  • Perhaps it is the best way to bring us to pure happiness.
  • Of course, every little thing like your little friends in your life will create bitter and sweet differences.
  • Pets need lots of responsibilities, but you know how to see it, and if you're ready for any situation, you can win the most loyal friendship in the world.

Feather Wings

Once you start feeding your pet, one of the biggest problems will be the flow of your beloved friend. I'm sure you do not want your little friends to get up from your arm or lie on your knees to lie down and leave a bunch of feather balls. Explaining the problem with pens can be the most boring part of the job as you explain it to the guests.

To collect spicy hair, you can use a suitable vacuum cleaner, an adhesive roller, a hose tape, a brush and plastic gloves. Specially designed to collect feathers on the fabric, the furniture can be used comfortably. You can find it in supermarkets and in many stores. Alternatively, the tube tape facilitates access to the adhesive surface solution. Vacuum cleaners, which are used on large floors, are effective for cleaning hair and rugs collected. Recently, more productive results can be achieved in less time for special capsules produced for dogs and cats.

Exposed Cables

Exposed Cables

Our winged friends often want to play and play, but we all play with them. Especially if they are puppies, then this joke will double. Even if the situation does not seem pleasant, a little joke gives color to your home. If we call cable killer for cats and puppies, we are not exaggerated. Almost everyone wants to chew, so do not ask. The stars they are cutting are really very dangerous for them. Interruption of electric cables can be fatal. You can take both measures for your life and your comfort. You can pass the used cables in the door and in the window of your house, and you can fix the cables that reach the cable through the wall, which they cannot reach. If you think this may be a bad image this way, you can hide the cables using the PVC pipe that is sold for safe routes.



Traveling with your friends can be a completely different experience. After your visit, you will be very happy with the beauty, but you may encounter many problems during your trip and stay. The greatest journeys failures among the problems you may encounter in social life with your pet friends It is not comfortable to bring pets in almost all air tourism, land and sea. If you have the opportunity, it is better to travel with your private car or go with a pet taxi. Most intercity buses do not have a pet transport service, and those are allowed in the trunk.

We certainly do not recommend it because it will be closed in an acronym, dark and warm atmosphere and will cause death. The situation has not changed much on the plane. They can travel in the cargo section of the aircraft because of this fact because the cage does not conform to the standard dimensions and its weight is more than 8 kilograms. Do not plan your trip in such a way for the health of your dear friend.

Another option, like the high-speed train, can also travel in the wagon section. Of course, you must have the health certificate, the ID with you in the cage. You can get a 50% discount on your side seat for your dear friends.



When you get home with your pet, your pet will come home and love will almost give you the feeling of having a baby at home. Taking into consideration the young and curious children of the house, they are constantly around the house. Like your pet; the curious child can play with the decorations of the house and can damage it. In addition to this, dogs and cats will have many behaviors that are comfortable and can damage the house.

We know the love of dogs and cats on seats, carpets, headboards. When this happens, you need to adjust the decoration of your home and the furnishing options. You can put your digital photo frame home and away from your pet and prevent it from being damaged. Priority should be given to durable and easy-to-clean garments to prevent furniture from making equipment for your pet's training. Even your pets will have things like us. They can climb stairs, small hidden corners and seats for them.
Friendly use of the product

We are all trying to be more compassionate by nature. But we often ignore the fact that the things we buy in our pets are made of plastic and unstable material. When you use environmentally friendly products, you can take an important step to reduce the negative impact of your dear friends. Ecological toys, care products and other decorative products that you purchase for your pets benefit both from the health and the nature of your pets. While they wash their dogs, dog owners can use organic shampoos. Cat owners can also appreciate litter for people who respect the environment. You can do it alone at home instead of buying some things for your friends.

Regular Care and Vaccines

 Regular Care and Vaccines

Taking care of your dear friends will be a pleasant effort, but it requires a lot of responsibility. They need care and love like ours, so you should think about everything you need to lead a healthy life.
Firstly, you must have foods with vitamins and minerals to meet your needs. Naturally, these foods should be appropriate for their age and physical characteristics.

You should not give unwanted raw meat to avoid interference from your friends. Even in the form of cookies, tastes like chocolate dogs and cats can form tartar on your teeth, such as sweet foods, it is also good to know that it is harmful to the eyes. Almost all of us are aware that when they come from outside we have to wash our animals and feel that it is pleasant. However, cats should rarely be washed, when they come out, only their claws can be removed. Dogs should not wash often. There is a period of regular immunization to protect your animals from diseases and pests. You can follow your vaccination card with your vet and ensure a healthy life.


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