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Monday, October 8, 2018

Know How Drugs Addiction Can Cause a Heart Problem
Know How Drugs Addiction Can Cause a Heart Problem

Whether drug addiction or whether cannabis, opium and non-legal drugs, drugs and drug substances increase the risk of heart disease. Irregular heartbeat of the heart can lead to sudden heart failure and premature death of blood in the blood pressure.

Several drug addiction centers are being run by the government, but according to the mercenaries, some changes need to be made.  Getting rid of immediate addiction of Intoxication can prove to be dangerous. This can lead to increased blood pressure and cardiac arrest.

Type of Intoxication which can Cause Heart Attack and Death

  • Alcohol
  • Cocaine
  • Medical Intoxication
  • Heroin

Alcohol & Cannabis

Alcohol: If alcohol drinks too much, then it cannot be said well for both liver and heart. Cannabis: Many states has given legal recognition to Cannabis It is a sign of a person sluggish, without laughing or crying, a disease of forgetfulness, and staying upset.


Those who consume cocaine feel the feeling of strength and energy in the body and gradually become habituated.  Those who consumed it have been seen also victims of mood disorder.
Know How Drugs Addiction Can Cause a Heart Problem
Know How Drugs Addiction Can Cause a Heart Problem


Medical Addicts

It is considered to be the most fatal in drug addiction because the drug addicts are consuming the drug, but they do not care about the effects of the drug. The medicine diet without any illness is considered deadly. It poses a very high risk to very important organs of the body, and this danger leads to the heart attack. It includes cough syrup, injection and medicines.


This drug is available anywhere; by taking this intoxication, that person gets accustomed to it. Those who use this addiction, their ability to think and understand are lost. The drug abuser feels cold and becomes a victim of nervousness.

Cigarette and Other Tobacco Products

Although they may not be included in the drug, but the chemical nicotine found in them makes the person feel happy and energy, but whoever consumes it makes him addicted.

Symptoms of the disease are fatal from its consumption

  • Disillusionment with worldly things
  • Communicating the rebellious spirit
  • Changing circle of friends
  • Stay alone most of the time
  • Eat less or excessive food
  • Isolation from work and family
  • Immediately make sense of good bad to your understanding

Alternative Remedies required getting Rid of Intoxication

Know How Drugs Addiction Can Cause a Heart Problem
Know How Drugs Addiction Can Cause a Heart Problem

Alcohol, which produces irregular heartbeats, reduces the heart beat of the same opium. High intake of opium can block the heart, the heartbeats of the chars Ganja drinkers increase. This can lead to his sudden death. Medical addiction also comes in this sequence, whose side effects are severely exposed.

It is fatal to leave any drunk immediately and alternative remedies are necessary to get rid of it. The government has initiated oral Opioid Replacement Therapy with the same intent, which is the right move.

The most important thing that needs to be addressed is that it is time to "take intoxicating" the time when the patient needs to be drunk, it is necessary to keep busy at that time. Turn the patient's attention to sport and yoga. Psychotherapy help is also needed to get rid of the drug addiction.

PunjabKesri – Dr. V.K. Sharma (Senior Heart Surgeon)


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