How to Check RCM ID Activation Status

Today we will talk about how you can check the status of your RCM ID application KYC. When you take the first step in this business you need to create your ID in it.

It's like you're connected to this business online as well as offline. Whether RCM is offline or online it is constantly engaged in growing its business and it does not want to shrink for the convenience of customers.

Therefore, for your convenience, RCM generates online IDs so that you can learn more about this business from your smartphone at home. 


One more thing to note: when we first create your RCM business ID, then later we forget to take care of our activities which can become a big problem for any business. Is

So you should check your ID status regularly so that you are associated with your business. 

If you are newly connected to RCM, how do you know about your ID activation? This allows you to verify the activation status of your ID as shown below

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Steps on How to Check RCM ID Activation Status

  1. This is a very simple process that anyone can easily do with their smartphone. First of all, you need to open any browser on your smartphone
  2. Now you type, now the RCM Business interface will open in front of you.
  3. Now you need to press the menu button displayed at the top of your right-hand side. After that, a new interface will be prepared in front of you, so that you will see a variety of options.
  4. After that, you click on the seller name option directly from these options and now a new page will open in front of you In so that you can see many more options, now one of these options will have the option ID activation status.
  5. Now you click on the ID activation status and then another new page will open in front of you. You will now need to enter the RCM ID that you received when you registered on the RCM website.
  6. After entering the RCM ID, now you have to click on the next button below it, after that, you will get complete information about your ID.
  7. You can fix your KYC by correcting any deficiencies displayed in it.

Friends, this was some important information about RCM business for you. Now you can enjoy RCM offline as well as online.

RCM is moving towards uninterrupted growth, this is possible only when the customers get good benefits, so RCM also provides online facilities for its customers.

We hope you have benefited from the information we have provided and that you will take full advantage of it and share it with your colleagues and thank them as well.

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