RCM Swechha Multi Grain Atta Benefits

The RCM Swechha Multigrain ATTA is the No. 1 ATTA in the entire market. Absolutely more awesome benefits of RCM Swechha Multigrain Atta than anywhere.

Today we will tell you about the new product launched by RCM called 'RCM Swechha Multigrain Atta' and will know about its quality. This product has recently been launched on RCM Day as RCM is always ready to improve the health of its customers.

That's why RCM has come up with this product with human health in mind, which is extremely beneficial. RCM Swechha Multigrain Atta is many times more efficient and better than the common flour available in the market.


It is made up of 12 types of grains, now let us know about the grains used in them: -

What's in RCM Swechha Multigrain Atta


We have been using wheat flour for thousands of years. First, people used this wheat flour as their food, and today everyone uses it. Wheat contains an adequate amount of nutrients that help in the growth of the body.


Maize is grown in large quantities in northern India, it provides a nutritious flour and this flour is also used to make many nutritious products.


This plant is grown in cultivation areas. Linseed is used in two ways. Its fibers make a rope, tots are made, the cloth is made, and much more. And secondly, oil is extracted from its seeds which is effective in controlling blood pressure, not only it also promotes digestion. It has also been used to make RCM switch multigrain flour.


In Asia, it is grown in large quantities because soybeans are eaten in large quantities and are the largest source of protein. Other types of minerals are also found in it.

Isolated Soy Protein

It is a type of protein that is different from soybeans and can be eaten mixed in different ways. Therefore it is used as a nutrient in this RCM switch multigrain atta.


Oat seeds are rich in nutrients. Taking it daily helps in lowering blood cholesterol levels. Oats are eaten in a variety of products, some products are served as breakfast. A protein called avenis is found, such as the gliadin protein in wheat.

Fenugreek (Methi)

Fenugreek is used in almost every kitchen. People also like their food a lot because it gives the food more flavor. It lowers high blood pressure and aids in digestion. Diabetes is very beneficial for patients.

Choker (Bran)

It is the outer layer of wheat that separates when the wheat is crushed or when you sift the wheat flour. It also helps with constipation, cholesterol levels, and gastric ulcers.

Horse Gram (Chana Dal)

It is a lentil made from lentils, which people usually use for their lunch or dinner. It is rich in protein.


It is also known as Chaulai and Ram Dana. It is free of protein and glue. It also helps in digestion and formation. It is used in the days of Ramadan. However, seeing its health benefits, it has now found a place in food.

Water Chestnut (Singada)

This plant is produced in water, its flowers are ready in August and in September it takes the form of fruit. It is a triangle-shaped fruit surrounded by a shell inside which is found nuts in the chest of water. It is very beneficial for patients with asthma and piles.

Wheat Fiber

It is a part of wheat that is used in RCM switch multigrain atta.

It was the RCM switch multigrain atta granules used in flour, which is very beneficial for human health. This, RCM Switch Multigrain Atta is made up of a combination of all these grains, which are rich in nutrients.

We hope that you have received all the information about this product and that you should pass this information on to your friends and relatives and that your family should also use this flour. If you want to join RCM, you should review How to Join RCM.

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