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RCM Harit Sanjivani / Best Product for Agriculture  / Harit Sanjivani is a great product, how it works, how we can use it in our daily lives, and what are its benefits. RCM Harit Sanjivani is a highly beneficial and beneficial product that works like a panacea for its farmer brothers.

India is an agricultural country that supplies food along with other countries. A farmer is a form of food supplier for our country that is able to satisfy someone’s stomach hunger.

Earlier, there was not much focus on agriculture, but after 1950, the green revolution started in many countries, including India. If we want to give something to the next generation, you can give them the gift of agriculture. And this is possible only when you cultivate properly and use Harit Sanjivani in RCM fields.


Harit Sanjivani Details

The state of Israel is at the forefront of agriculture. Although they own only 20 percent of the irrigated land, they themselves provide 95 percent of their country's food. About 60 percent of Israel's land has been turned into a desert.

The people there plant crops in a box of thermocol and soil. This RMC Harit Sanjivani policy also originated from the agriculture of the era. At the same time, the conditions for agriculture are not so favorable, even though the weather is cold there, Israel still ranks first in agriculture every time.

India has 40 million acres of irrigated land. It produces 250 varieties of crops during the season. India produces 250 million tons of crops every year.

If we look at last year's figures, India alone has produced about 291.95 million tonnes of crops, which is much more than any other country and this number continues to grow every year. That is why India is also called an agricultural country.

Once the farming is done, the farmer uses pesticides to increase the yield and protect his crop from various pests so that a good yield is obtained. Plenty of pesticides are available in the market, through which you can increase your crop, but there are many pesticides that have harmful effects and also reduce the fertility of the land.

Today, the condition of the farmers has become so bad that farming is not a business for their livelihood.

But agriculture is the only option that ordinary people can do after deep thought. This is the agricultural tradition of India which has been going on for many centuries. Now we have to save this tradition. If we import crops from foreign agricultural countries, it is a matter of deep concern.

RCM Harit Sanjivani Activities

Similarly, to save your crops and increase their yield, RCM has launched a new product called 'RCM Harit Sanjivani'. This is a kind of Israeli-inspired fourth treatment. Cereals need nutrients for growth such as potassium, magnesium, borne, manganese, calcium, nitrogen, phosphorus, etc.

Harit Sanjivani RCM is able to provide all the nutrients of the crop. It is a mixture of these nutrients mixed in the right amount. If a thing or things are taken in the right amount, it has a good effect.

Harit Sanjivani Benefits (Harit Sanjivani Ke Fade) / RCM Harit Sanjivani Unboxing: -

First, in the box of RCM Harit Sanjivani you will find 4 packets with numbers 1, 2, 3, and 4. Some of his information will also be written.

With it, you will get a mini booklet about how to use it.

Each packet of Harit Sanjivani has been prepared according to about 1 acre of land. Which weighs 350 grams.

It has 4 packets for 4 stages of the plant which have to be used in different stages. The weight of each packet is 350, 750 grams respectively.

This amount has been decided according to the demand of plants in different states.

Use the whole amount as an acre, if half an acre is used, half the packet will be used, and the other half packet will be used for the next crop.

If there are two acres of land, two RCM Harit Sanjivani (750 g) packets will be used.

How does Harit Sanjivani work?

The Harit Sanjivani tree provides complete nutrition from birth to old age. Read on to learn how RCM Harit Sanjivani works. It works in three stages in plants which are as follows:


This stage comes when you plant in the ground. Now the plant needs nutrients to grow, which helps it grow. RCM Harit Sanjivani helps you at this stage.


When the plant germinates and enters its infancy, it sees the growth of leaves where it makes its own food. For this, it needs more energy which was provided by RCM Harit Sanjivani. At the same time, it also increases the metabolic activity of the plant so that its digestion process is faster.


When the plant reaches puberty and begins to flower, the use of Harit Sanjivani helps the flower to change into a fruit. Not only this, but it also helps in producing more flowers.


At this stage the plant has completed the process of reproduction, now it begins the process of fruit development. Now the tree wants to reach more and more nutritious fruit and because of this, its leaves start to shrink.

RCM Harit Sanjivani, RCM is used to compensate the plant for shortness of breath and loss of food. How RCM Harit Sanjivani works, you read how it helps the plant in 4 important stages.

Method of using RCM Harit Sanjivani

Now we will know the complete method of using Harit Sanjivani. We will give complete information about 4 packets of it, which packet to use when and what are its benefits -


Packet No. 1 of Harit Sanjivani can be sprayed mixed with urea or other compost, sand or 30 to 40 kg of dry soil. This method is applicable for the one-acre farm. You can apply it on your land with drip irrigation.

Now here are some things to note: -

  • You must irrigate with water after spraying Harit Sanjivani. This is because green rejuvenation will only take effect when it comes in contact with water and dissolves in the soil.
  • You must use it within 30 days of planting.
  • Do not place it directly on the land, use it only by mixing fertilizer, urea or soil or by drip irrigation.
  • We will talk about the benefits of Harit Sanjivani Packet No. 1 which is as follows:
  • For any seed to thrive, it needs to have roots from which it receives nutrients from the earth and grows as a plant. Harit Sanjivani helps in the growth of tree roots and provides essential nutrients.
  • RCM Harit Sanjivani maintains the pH level of the soil and reduces the amount of salt in the soil so that the plant gets fertile soil.
  • This makes the soil unstable so that the plant roots do not have to fight too hard to get to the ground.
  • This makes the insoluble component of fertilizer or urea better soluble in soil


RMC Harit Sanjivani Packet No. 2 contains a powder-like mixture that is sprayed on the fields with the help of water. 1 gram of powder can be mixed in 1 liter of water. The amount of packet is 100 grams which means it can be dissolved in 100 liters of water. It can also be used with pesticide mixtures.

It does not dissolve easily at the beginning and freezes on the top surface so mix it well so that it dissolves. Now put it in the pump and spray it on the whole plant.

There are several things to note in this method: -

  • Rinse the pump well, then use the Harit Sanjivani solution.
  • It can also be used in combination with pesticides, but be careful that the pesticides are not alkaline.
  • You will know that you only need to take a pinch of powder in the pesticide. The powder does not mix but it is an alkaline pesticide.
  • RCM Harit Sanjivani Packet No. 2 solution is recommended to be used before 11 am or after 5 pm. This is because the soil has a lot of moisture at this time, which makes this Harit Sanjivani work well.
  • Give an adequate amount of water after spraying. Be careful not to spray it on a rainy day and there is no chance of rain for at least 4 hours.

RCM Harit Sanjivani Packet 2 Results

Harit Sanjivani Packet No. 2 is used when the tree is in its infancy stage when the leaves in the tree begin to develop.

The arginine amino acid present in the green lifetime increases leaf growth which increases leaf size and participates in greater photosynthesis and makes the plant look more green.

The tree overcomes the water shortage and the plant lives in adverse conditions.


This packet is also used as the No. 2 packets of Harit Sanjivani. The size of the packet is 150 grams 150 which you can dissolve in 150 liters of water and spray.

Things to note:

  • It helps in the growth of flowering plants.
  • At this stage, more crops are produced by the development of flowers.
  • It provides the right amount of nutrients to the plant.

Packet - 4

The method of using this packet is the same as 2 and 3 packets. This 250 g of powder is mixed with pesticide or water and sprayed on the whole plants

Advantages of Packet No. 4 of Harit Sanjivani:

When the fruit begins to develop in the plant, the plant tries to provide a staple food of the fruit by stopping the growth of the fruit. Due to which the leaves start falling and the tree starts getting weak and suffers from various diseases.

The sap does not flow well in the trees, so the upper fruits develop less than the lower fruits. In this action, RCM prevents Harit Sanjivani leaves from shrinking and increases dietary production.

Harit Sanjivani gives high results in a chemical called cysteine found in RCM. The fruit is the same size from bottom to top.

Benefits of RCM Harit Sanjivani.

Agriculture requires good soil fertility and fertile soil capacity. The amount of Hamas on the ground should be higher. However, due to over-cultivation, there is a shortage of humus in the land. For which dung is used in the field because it contains the most hues.

Up to 4 trolleys of fertilizer are required for one acre of land. If farmers across the country start using dung on the land, only 35 percent of the land

It will be able to take advantage.

Therefore, it is recommended to use RCM Harit Sanjivani so that there are 4 trolleys of dung manure as humus. It is made with Sendri technology so that it does not have any harmful effect on the soil.

This Harit Sanjivani RCM is made with completely natural ingredients, which is why it has no harmful effects.

It can be used to increase pesticide and fertilizer levels.

Farmers can get various benefits as a result of using Harit Sanjivani. He can earn more by reducing the use of pesticides and fertilizers.

The effect of the first packet of RCM Harit Sanjivani starts in 25 to 30 days and the essence of the second and third packets is seen in 3 to 10 days.

It softens the soil, removes its hardness, and makes the soil more fertile.

It also increases the yield of the crop so that the farmer can get the desired price in the market.

RCM Harit Sanjivani Guidelines, Benefits, and Outcomes

This product is not a pesticide or compost. It is a formula that enhances the potency of pesticides and fertilizers.

When using Harit Sanjivani, use pesticides properly or only when needed and use fertilizers and fertilizers.

There are 4 stages in plant life. Therefore, 4 separate packets have been made keeping this in mind, which should be used when the plant is at different stages.

Use regular RCM Harit Sanjivani at each stage of the plant.

Do not use more or fewer products. Use 1 gram of powder in 1 liter of water, use the same formula for everyone else.

If you use more powder, the leaves may start to die. But don't panic, after two days the leaves will return to their old condition.

Be sure to water the soil when you first use the packet. And during 2, 3, and 4 packets the soil needs to have moisture. When the land is dry, irrigate well.

When using packets 2, 3, and 4, the soil should be filled with moisture as it increases the appetite of the plant, causing the leaves to overwork.

If the amount of water in the soil is low, the leaves will dry out and the whole plant may dry out.

But you don't have to panic and immediately irrigate the land with water, after which your plants will start flowering again.

Different conditions of different trees are created at different times. So, having made a table of the conditions of different plants in the box, you can use the Harit Sanjivani RCM to read it.


Use this product to contribute to the preservation of our traditional heritage and lay the foundation of the golden India of the future. This was complete information about RCM Harit Sanjivani. We hope you benefit from this information.

If you find any benefit from this information provided by us, be sure to share it with your relatives and friends and ask them to use this beneficial product called RCM Harit Sanjivani.

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