Biography of Trilok Chand Chabra / Owner/Founder & CEO of Rcm Business

Who is the owner/founder /CEO of the RCM business? People are going to dedicate themselves to this topic, this article will explain all the things you need to know.

RCM business is improving day by day. Every day thousands of people are joining the RCM business and people have built a lot of confidence in the RCM business. If life is taken as a beautiful dream, then every human being can live according to his desire. Many end it simply or they may say that they do not know the right way to survive.

Conversely, there are some people who set goals for themselves and move forward with small goals to achieve their goals. Through these objectives, we achieve our goals. By achieving these goals, a person makes himself world-famous. One such celebrity is Trilok Chand Chabra who is also known as TC Chabra. It owns the RCM business. Everything today is from their rise.

Trilok Chand Chabra Biography

Trilok Chand Chaba was born on 1 September 1957 in Nanjhi, a small village in Ajmer district of Rajasthan. He is the third of six siblings. Mr. Mohan Lal, the father of Trilok Chand Chabra, used to run his own grocery shop in the village. His mother Dapu Devi was a housemaid.

Trilok Chand Chabra married Mrs. Saroj in 19 Mrs.7. From which he got a daughter Priyanka Chabra and a son Sourav Chabra. His wife and daughter say he is a man of ordinary nature and he ends up doing what he decides to do.

Trilok Chand Chabra Bio


Trilok Chand Chabra


Business Man, Author, Speaker

Famous For

Rcm Business Owner, Founder & CEO

Date of Birth

16 September 1957


Ajmer ( Nanjhi)

Age as in(2021)

63 Years

Zodiac Sign




Education Qualification





Traveling, Writing, Business Study

Marital Status



 Smt. Saroj


2 Children


Sourav Chabra


Priyanka Chabra


Sh. Mohan Lal


Smt. Dapu Devi

Marital Year


Trilok Chand Chabra received his early education from his village Nanjhi, higher education from Kekri, and college education from Jaipur. He has been a student of B.Com.

Trilok Chand Chabra Career Point

Trilok Chand graduated from Chabra College and started a clothing business in Kekri which has been running successfully for 21 years. But with the idea of doing something for society and the country, he started a company in 2000 which we all know today as RCM Business (Fashion Suiting Pvt. Ltd.). It was a direct sales company.

His idea was that foreign companies sell their products at very high prices. He wanted to open an organization that is in Indian culture, similar to its ideology and can be available at a lower price when being Indian. He wanted ordinary people to take it as a business and change his life.

He is a successful businessman as well as a musician, writer, and author. It is said that there are many obstacles in the way of achieving any task or goal and something similar happened with Trilok Chand Chabra Zia. He has fought a lot for RCM empowerment.

At the beginning of RCM, a lot of people gave up on promises but after some time when the company started picking high, he gave it up and opened a new company outside and started attracting people working in RCM. In addition to these, an incident took place in 2011 which shocked everyone. Everyone was desperate to get so many people together and get this news of his.

Due to so many problems, many big decisions were made by the owner and founder of the RCM business. It must be seen that he did not give up his goal, he was able to do everything successfully with his simplicity and truth.

Achievements and Awards

If people are determined to do something, then that work begins to move towards success. The same thing happened in the case of TP Chhabra, the guideline was issued to RCM by the Government of India in 2016. Since then there has been clarity. After installing the entire system at Trilokchand Jit, the technicians also set up laboratories so that the business could move forward.

RCM did not make it so effective in the first month, but in the last 10 months, it has given a challenging message to all companies with a turnover of Rs 21 crore. Trilok Chand Chabra and his team worked for years and as a result, RCM made its debut as a well-known company today. It is a company with 8 million distributors, 100 depots, 5000 PUC, and more than 730 products.

TC Chhabra, known as the master of RCM, is the author of many books, including Jiwav Ek Khoj, 100% Safalta, etc. his important books. He is the kind of person who has expressed his views on the business and its problems. He also talks about life management.

Today many units of RCM have been installed, and all this is because four promises have been made by RCM which is:

  1. Every product of RCM will be healthy.
  2. This product will be available at the right price.
  3. Each product will be useful.
  4. Product quality will be perfect.

This RCM promises you that you will see all these things in each of their products.

Trilok Chand Chabra Sucess Points

They believe that no work is small or big. Work is done. If they like any work and they understand it, then they complete it with complete passion. Whatever work he decides to do, he keeps on completing it. One such task was RCM.

Trilokchand Chhabra has to say that if we feel right about any task and are good at doing it too, then you should do that work with hard work. No matter what the world says, just keep working, this is the key to success.

They also believe that to be successful you must be firm in your promise and set a goal. If your goal is not set, then you are not hardworking and you cannot succeed.

The most important thing is that if you want to succeed in life, then others should listen. Speak as little as possible and listen more. According to Trilokchand Chhabra, you have to work hard to run any business and achieve success in it. The same applies to RCM.

Believe that if you have to achieve great success or goals, then you have to face small pains and problems. The problems that come in the way of success encourage you to move forward. The winner is the person who does not stop under any circumstances.

The person is successful who believes in using it after learning something. Today we see that many people are connected with RCM. These people are making their lives successful. Withdrawing their income and at the same time, all these people are common people. Many of these RCMs are engaged in pickup centers, while some are sitting at home and contributing to further this.

From this, we should learn that if the goal is fixed and you have the courage to meet it, then no obstacle can stop you from moving forward and succeeding. All the problems in the way of achieving the goal can prevent you from reaching the goal, but if you are hardworking, then you can achieve success by crossing them.

Questions Related With Trilok Chand Chabra

Q.1. What is the Motive to Start Rcm Business?

It has been seen that if you are determined to do any less, then you put your full effort in doing that less. The same happened with Trilok Chand Chabra. He was determined to start a company that is Indian. This company reflects the Indian culture and resembles the ideology of Indians. At the same time, the common man could earn his income by working in it.

Q.2. What are the other interests of Trilok Chand Chhabra?

Trilok Chand Chabra is a good and successful businessman as well as a musician, writer, and rightful time. His major books are 100% Safalta and Jiwan Ek Khoj. Along with this, they also do many types of motivational talks. One of his poems Tum Khud Ko Bharat Maa Ka Laal Kehna Chod Do is very famous.

Q.3. What are the Educational Qualification of Trilok Chand Chhabra?

He completed his early education in his village and received his college education from Jaipur. He was a student of B. Com.

Q.4. In which year Rcm Business was Started?

Rcm business is the idea of the company started in 2000. This company has more than 730 products. 1000 Pick up Center.

Q.5. Who is Rcm Business Founder?

Sh. Trilok Chand Chabra is the founder of Rcm Business.

Q.6. List of Books written by TC Chabra?

A lot of books were written by him which is shown below, which is as follows:

  1. Jiwan Ek Khoj
  2. Swayn Me Samadhaan
  3. Lakshy Par Nigahe

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