RCM Swechha Quinoa Seeds Benefits, Usage and Price

RCM has added a new product to its food and grocery family known as Swechha Quinoa Seeds. You will learn about what it is made of, how to use it and its price, etc. through this article.

What is RCM Swechha Quinoa Seeds?

It is a type of grain that is produced abroad, especially in South America, and now it is also produced in the low-water region of India. It is a flowering plant whose leaves are used in salads. 

Swechha Quinoa Seeds is the major source of amino acids and is a good source of protein, minerals, and vitamins. Its special thing is that it is gluten-free.


Swachha Quinoa Seeds Ingredients

Water: 72%

Carbohydrates: 21.3 Grams

Protein: 4.4 Grams

Fat: 1.9 Grams

Sugar: 0.9 Grams

Fiber: 2.8 Grams

Calories: 120

Swechha Quinoa Seeds Benefits

  • It helps in controlling the growing weight of people. Research has also shown that they contain a food ingredient called betaine, which helps control weight and obesity.
  • Anemia is most common in women, which can lead to anemia in women for many reasons.
  • Swechha Quinoa Seeds have been found to be rich in iron which helps in supplementing anemia. In addition, they have been found as an antiemetic that increases hemoglobin and cures anemia.
  • The antacid effect is found in voluntary quinoa seeds, which work against breast cancer and liver cancer.
  • These saponins help to keep the skin clean and healthy, so it must be eaten.
  • As we have already said it is found in plenty of protein which gives good benefits for hair.
  • Swechha Quinoa Seeds also performs the development and repair of tissues.
  • The fiber in it promotes good intestinal bacteria, which benefits our digestive system.
  • Diabetes is a serious disease that causes high blood sugar levels in the blood vessels. It reduces sugar by increasing the amount of insulin.
  • This diet reduces the risk associated with the heart. In addition, it contains potassium which regulates heartbeat. It also raises good cholesterol.

Swechha Quinoa Seeds Uses

The method of use is very simple. Just like we use rice, Swechha Quinoa Seeds are used. You can also take breakfast, lunch, dinner from it. It can also be used in burgers, salads, soups, and pancakes.

Swechha Quinoa Seeds Prices 

MRP: Rs.275 - DP: Rs.222 - BV: 132 BV


Swechha Quinoa seeds are a protein-rich food that has many benefits. It provides many nutrients to the person. Along with that, it is also very easy to make, different tasty dishes can be prepared. It can also be kept for a long time.

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