6 Motivation Killer – You Need to Know

6 Motivation Killer - You Need to Know
6 Motivation Killer – You Need to Know

Those who are motivated grow beyond themselves. Even difficult tasks are therefore to be created. Often, however, demotivation dominates. But what holds us back and how can we fight these blocks of unity?

Killer motivation:

  • Money
  • Congratulations
  • Distraction
  • Delay
  • Relax
  • Optimism


Killer Motivation - Money
Killer Motivation – Money

For many supervisors, as well as for most employees, a salary increase is considered an effective motivational injection. An expensive mistake! “Money donations run the risk of reducing intrinsic self-motivation instead of promoting it,” says psychologist Edward Deci. Motivation: the more people concentrate on the financial reward system, the less they are concerned with satisfying their curiosity and learning new skills. In fact, studies show that an increase in salary for up to two months increases an employee’s motivation level. So go back to the level before going up. The exception is monotonous activities; here an increase in salary can increase motivation. In general, experts advice that the work of employees is as varied and responsible as possible, thus maintaining the so-called intrinsic level of motivation that arises from our own impulse.


Killer Motivation - Congratulations
Killer Motivation – Congratulations

Experts are now convinced: employee compliments and quickly lose their effect. The motivational researcher Steffen Kirchner advises, therefore, to pay attention to the following three things when he praises: it must be 1. Rare, 2. Surprising, 3. Related to the person. “Motivation is the emotional trace of a human being,” says Kirchner. The better you know the more specific you can irritate and therefore cause behavioral changes.


Killer Motivation - Distraction
Killer Motivation – Distraction

“Every new impulse ensures that dopamine is released into the brain, which in turn causes the brain to reward us for not focusing more, we want to relive good feelings and depend on distraction,” says neuroscientist Daniel Levitin. To successfully combat the distraction of the motivating killer, experts recommend working in a tidy environment, sticking to the high-powered brain times (9 am to 12 noon and 3 pm to 5 pm) and creating lists priorities.


Killer Motivation - Deley
Killer Motivation – Deley

Tomorrow’s tax return for next week’s sport will cease smoking next year: many people suffer from the so-called “Aufschieberitis” which drops our motivation level to zero. Three strategies, in particular, help: tell friends about their plans, set a deadline and start first with the most unpleasant part of the project.


Killer Motivation - Relax
Killer Motivation – Relax

Many see stress as one of the greatest motivational killers of all time. Reason: stress is not healthy; it makes you sick and fat. All right, but only if it is a negative stress. However, there is also a positive stress, called Eustress, and the effect is exactly the opposite, that is, highly motivating. Stress is positive if we can disperse alone and allow ourselves to act. For example, if you want to develop your muscles, you need to load them, and then stress them. And our willpower is also a type of muscle that can be strengthened with stress and tension. “The important thing is to make sense of the stress you are doing, otherwise it will not be motivating”, explains Steffen Kirchner.


Killer Motivation - Optimism
Killer Motivation – Optimism

“Most people stop thinking about what will happen,” says former SEAL marine instructor SE Eric Greitens. Reason: they only see the general picture and this seems impossible to create. “Anyone who focuses completely on the next moment keeps going,” says Greitens. Even psychologists are now convinced that thinking “thinking big” can be a motivational killer. His motto: dear little goals instead of great visions. Those who have established micro-goals have proven to be more likely to give up bad habits than optimists and dreamers who set extremely high goals. Example: take off and keep five kilos, more than ten kilos, and then increase again.

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