Airtel 195 Plan | Kerala, Telangana, Andhra Pradesh and Some Other Circles

Airtel 195 Recharge Plan
Last week, Airtel raised Rs. 168 and Rs. 419’s two new prepaid plans were launched. Bharti Airtel has added another plan to its prepaid plan list. The company has made an investment of introduced a new prepaid recharge plan of Rs. 195. If seen, this new plan will now show with the same combo prepaid plan such as Airtel’s Rs. 249, Rs. 199 and Rs. 168.

The scheme of 195 rupees is available only in some circles

The latest Airtel prepaid recharge plan is an open market plan that will be available to all users of some circles. This scheme of 195 rupees comes with validity of 28 days. Plan voice calling and data gains but no SMS benefits are included. It is not yet known whether Airtel will launch this plan as an open market plan across the country.

Benefits Airtel 195 Rs Prepaid Recharge Pack: Including

In this new Airtel combo prepaid scheme, unlike other combo schemes, there is no benefit related to SMS. It only provides data and voice calling benefits during the 28 day validity period. This 195-rupee plan allows users to make unlimited local, roaming and STD calls without the FUP limit. In addition, it receives 1.25 GB of data in a single day, which gives 28 GB validity for a total of 35 GB.

Plan limitations of Rs 195

The main drawbacks of this plan are that there is no SMS benefit. This new scheme is valid for consumers present in Kerala, Telangana, Andhra Pradesh and some other circles. At the same time, Rs. The plan for 195 is not yet listed on the MyArtal App. So users can now subscribe to this recharge pack from Airtel’s website.

It is not clear if Airtel wants to launch it across India. According to the available information, this scheme is not available in Delhi and Karnataka Circle.

Airtel Rs. 195 – Rs. 168

As part of the Segment Recharge Option, Airtel has recently received Rs. The pre-paid scheme of 168 was started. In this plan, users are given Unlimited Calling, SMS and Data Benefits for 28 days. Speaking briefly, it offers unlimited voice calls to customers, including roaming without local, STD and FUP limits. In addition, during the 28 day validity period, customers get 100 SMS and 1 GB data in a day.

Rs. Compared to the scheme of 168, one rupee is worth Rs. The last plan of Rs 195 has 1.25 GB of data in one day. Goods have unlimited voice calling benefits. However, as we mentioned above, this plan is behind the SMS benefits. So if you mostly use SMS, then Rs. The plan of 168 will be a good option for you. It is worth mentioning that Rs. 168 is a segmented plan that is available for customers to choose from.

If both of the above plans do not meet your needs or are not available in your Circle, you will get Rs. The prepaid plan of 199 can be selected. This is an open market plan that gives users 1.4 GB of data, unlimited voice calls and 100 SMS everyday benefits. Like the two plans mentioned above, it is valid for 28 days.

Vodafone Idea Reactivated

Recently, Vodafone Idea Ltd Its basic talk time by Rs. 20, Rs. 30 and Rs. 50 has been removed from the portfolio. Instead, the company has introduced the option of an active recharge. Active recharge allows customers with talktime, data benefits and tariffs, at least 28 days of validity. If it is not surprising in front of Vodafone IDE policy, Airtel will announce similar plans next time.

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