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Aladdin Sony SAB TV
We all must have heard the story of ‘Aladdin‘ in our childhood and we wanted all of them like a genie like Jinni, who would do our homework and do all the work that we did not mind at all.
Then the cartoon characters were replaced by that cartoon. In spite of this, Aladdin’s craze did not go down, perhaps that’s why once again, and the SAB-TV channel has taken Aladdin’s caretaker to the screen.
SAB TVs have given considerable attention to choosing characters in this. Recently the show was launched.
Sony TV‘ is a ‘Mahadatha‘ for the viewer ‘Aladdin: The name will be heard’. A 20-year-old boy full of magic and mystery is based on a very old story of Aladdin.
In Aladdin, ‘Siddhartha Corporation’ is playing Aladdin, in which he will be able to see his naughty and romantic-looking audience. Siddharth, who has been a sports player, is going to be seen doing a lot of action in it.
In this show, he is going to appear as a princess, his friend ‘Avneet Kaur’ will appear in the role of ‘Jasmine’. Jasmine is a very powerful princess of Baghdad and is keen to become Sultan.

Avneet Said

He has achieved a lot in a very early age. Avinit’s family living in Jalandhar have sacrificed a lot till the time shift in Mumbai. Avneet Punjab and Punjabi miss a lot of food
But the question of Siddhartha is very fun with everyone on the set. In this show, Aladdin has shown a beautiful relationship with his mother, Smita Bansal. Which is also his biggest strength and biggest weakness. With the unbreakable love of the mother and son, the story of touching the heart of many kinds, family responsibilities and powerful princess.

Main Cast of Aladdin (Name to Suna Hoga)

Siddharth Nigam

Avneet Kaur

Amir Dalvi
Raashul Tandon

Smita Bansal
The broadcast of Tivast’s beautiful sights in Aladdin is being broadcast on Monday-Friday, from 21st August to 9pm.

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