An effective solution to fight germs

An-effective-solution-to- fight-germs

For a healthy lifestyle, cleanliness and hygiene are the most important factors. The environment in which we live is ideal for bacterial development and it is the hygiene that helps to avoid them and keep our lives healthy. Thus, the removal of dust and organic matter removes microorganisms from surfaces, objects or skin.

About 95-98% can be refined using professional methods and materials to clean and sanitize the surfaces of homes, fittings, and equipment, which is very close to a professional disinfectant. The main benefit of thorough cleaning is that it works on all microorganisms.

For optimal sanitation of surfaces under optimal conditions, it is advisable to use a bactericidal disinfectant, which can be used to disinfect furniture on surfaces, floors, ceramic sanitary wires, toilets, sinks, materials, and equipment.

An effective solution to fight germs

Health and hygiene of both hands

Hands play an important role in the rapid spread of microorganisms and diseases, as they come in contact with different surfaces and we can easily counteract them without realizing it. This is why they need to be washed and cleaned as much as possible. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), up to 5% of infectious diseases can be caused by hand infections.

Thus, due to a large amount of transient microorganisms in the hand, healthy disinfection of the hand is one of the most important measures to reduce microbial load. In this case, the most important and effective product for fighting bacteria is professional hand sanitizer, which can come in both liquid forms and in the form of antibacterial gels and antibacterial towels.

Therefore, regular and thorough hand washing is necessary to maintain health, especially after each use of the toilet, before and after food preparation and after contact with the animal.

Cleaning in the workplace

Cleanliness is also important in the work because here we spend a long time day after day. For good day-to-day operations, the office and the equipment we work with must be cleaned and maintained. Hygiene is important and should be done regularly with professional products, especially those designed to eliminate 99% of bacteria.

Cleanliness is important and must be performed daily. Also, once a month, general cleaning should be done using cleaning products and antibacterial products, suitable for each type of environment. The best products that can be used for general cleaning are trolleys, professional mops, disposable paper products such as paper towels, medical rollers for beds and industrial rollers, professional vacuum cleaners, and other surface cleaning machines.

Perfect sanitation of toilets

Cleanliness is also essential when discussing toilets. Here, the bacteria grow at a rapid rate. Bacteria collected from the toilet cover can invade the immune system and cheaper cleaning products cannot fight their spread. For toilets, certain antibacterial sanitary wires and surface disinfectants should be used, as cleaning products cannot prevent germs that become more resistant.

After using the toilet, no matter how clean and good it is, the best solution is to wash your hands thoroughly. To avoid touching the surfaces of the bath, it is advisable to use a liquid soap dispenser by hand drying it with a sensor and a disposable towel.

Take care of your health! Cleans the surface and hand properly with modern and efficient bacterial removal products.

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