ASUS Introduces ZenBook Series 13 (UX325) and ZenBook 14 (UX425)

ASUS launched two laptops: the ASUS ZenBook 13 (UX325) and ZenBook 14 (UX425). These are the all-new ultrastable model of the Zenbook traditional sequence with a 13.3-inch and 14-inch display-diagonal.
The all-new ZenBook 13 and Zenbook 14 are lighter and thinner than previous generation units. The Zenbook 13 weighs just .07 kg. With a minimum case thickness (13.9 mm for each model as a whole), the ZenBook 13 and ZenBook 14 laptops have a full of entry/output ports with full-size HDMI and USB Sort-A connectors in addition to USB / C Varies. 
With Thunderbolt Three and MicroSD card slot. These are the thinnest model on earth with 13.3- and 14-inch screens, which can supply such a large selection of connectors to connect a wide range of peripheral units.
Due to the minimal body width of the NanoEdge show, relative display space is 90%, and the show’s optional ultra-economic energy consumption (1 W) can significantly prolong the battery life of a laptop computer. The brand new model offers a lot for the console of the person: the ASUS number pad 2. 
The XORO digital unit that is within the touchpad, a battery capable of providing up to 22 hours of battery life, a full-width keyboard, An infrared digital camera with ErgoLift swivel mount and facial recognition. Zenbook 13 and 14 laptops can be found in two new colors: elegant gray (pine gray) and intricately gentle purple (lilac mist).
The hardware of the all-new ZenBook 13 and Zenbook 14 model is projected to be the latest 10th technology Intel Core processors and 32 GB RAM. This is more than enough for productive multitasking and leisure. 
The specification is complemented by solid-state drives, with a high-speed PCIe x4 interface and a capacity of 2 TB with the latest WiFi 6 (802.11ax) module, so great efficiency is assured.

Elegant design and full portability

The brand new Zenbook Traditional Collection Notebook is available in two sizes. The ZenBook 13’s ultra-light model weighs just 1.07 kg – a dream for the holidays only; and the ZenBook 14 gives a large diagonal performance in an equally thin physique. Each model is characterized by superior portability. The compact and chic case thickness is only 13.9 mm. 
Notebooks Zenbook 13 and 14 furthermore feature glorious vitality – 22 hours at the cost of one battery. This means that you no longer want to carry the charger with you, you will be able to leave it safely at the residence. Notebooks Zenbook 13 and 14 are designed to be contemporary, dynamic life and really work on the go.
The all-new Zenbook 13 and Zenbook 14 model can be found in two elegant designs, each of which is a timeless tradition. The gray color of the case (pine gray), shiny, though very serene, is a symbol of confidence and professionalism and serves as a brilliant backdrop for the company jewelry of the best concentric circles. 
Within the new pocketbook model, the circles are not separated from the middle of the quilt but are offset on the aspect together with the ASUS symbol. Another design option in a wonderfully benign lilac dyeing (Lilac Mist) is not without exposure to the chic luxurious. This modern and delicate matte shade lid is good with the end of concentric circles on the floor, which is to be turned into a trademark for all Zenbook units.

Full set of connection ports

The all-new ZenBook 13 and Zenbook 14 are taking a contemporary look at the capabilities of ultraportable laptops. Despite a record-breaking small thickness of only 13.9 mm, these units offer a completely different supply of connection ports: two USB with full-size HDMI and USB Sort-A connectors, Thunderbolt three interfaces and support for a microSD card slot -C port. Any different 13.3- or 14-inch laptop computer of the same thickness in the marketplace can supply the same set of interfaces.
Each Thunderbolt 3-compatible USB-C ports are justified with quick charging, allowing you to attach two external displays with the decision of 4K UHD to your laptop computer, and knowledge at speeds up to 40 Gb / s to switch.
The ZenBook 13 and Zenbook 14 notebooks support the brand new ASUS USB-C Simple Charges feature, which allows charging with a standard USB-C charger. This feature helps you recharge your laptop computer in a short period to use any USB-C charger and power supply authentication, for example, using a 65 W AC adapter in conjunction with your laptop computer, And when it is not in your hands, you will be. Able to recharge a cost-share using a standard transportable charger or perhaps a transportable battery.

Effectively thought-out ergonomics

The ZenBook 13 and Zenbook 14 laptops have a stunningly crisp and crisp screen, covering 90% of the floor with the lid. With a power consumption of only one W, the optional energy-saving show allows you to get a picture with a stunning brightness of 450 CD / m2, greatly extending the battery life of a laptop computer.
For the best and correct typing possible, the keyboard occupies the entire width of the case. Another set of display keys is easily positioned on the best aspect. The ErgoLift swivel mount raises the keyboard at an optimal angle for typing when the quilt is opened. This design additionally creates an additional area under the laptop computer, which contributes to its cooling.
For work with numbers in a new model, the ASUS NumberPad 2. Exo Digital Unit is used. A full-size touch-sensitive digital unit with an LED backlight is immediately built into the touchpad and activated with a touch of the corresponding icon.
The infrared digital camera is built at the top of the body, allowing you to easily log into the system using the Home Window Are Face Recognition feature. This digital camera also works under less gentle conditions, eliminating the need to enter passwords every time.

Better efficiency

The all-new ZenBook 13 and Zenbook 14 model have been launched as the Core i7 mannequin on the latest 10th technology Intel Core processor. These processors are superior to the model inefficiency of the previous generation, offering quick and easy operation of the system. Along with the considerable amount of RAM – 32 GB – Zenbook 13 and Zenbook 14 laptops are assured of quick multi-tasking in any everyday tasks.
Also, the brand new ZenBook 13 and Zenbook 14 model feature several fast solid-state drives with 2 TB with a PCIe 3. Exo X4 interface. The latest General WiFi 6 (802.11ax) Wi-Fi module will increase speed compared to earlier technology, community bandwidth is increased as four instances, and sine latency is reduced by 75%.
The brand new Zenbook 13 and Zenbook 14 model will help you address any everyday duties with ease, turning into indispensable helpers within the implementation of artistic works and luxurious units for entertainment and leisure.

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