BGauss Electric Scooter B8 & A2 Price and Features

The BGauss A2 and BGauss B8 electric scooters were introduced in early July. The company did not disclose its value at the time.
Now with the start of booking scooters, their price information has also been revealed. Both of these electric scooters are available in different variants.
BGauss, owned by electrical industry giant RR Global, launched two electric scooters in early July.
These were displayed as BGauss A2 and BGauss B8. Now the company has started booking these electric scooters.
Also, their prices have been revealed. BGauss A2 and BGauss B8 are available in many variants. These can be booked from the company’s website for Rs 3,000.

BGauss Variant and Price

BGauss A2 is available in two forms – lead-acid and lithium-ion. They are priced at Rs 52,499 and Rs 67,999 respectively.
The BGauss B8 electric scooter is available in three variants including lead-acid model, lithium-ion model and LI technology model. Their prices are 62999, 82999 and 88999 rupees 88 respectively

A2 slow scooter

The BGauss A2 is the company’s slowest scooter. It has a 250-watt motor. Its top speed is 25 kilometers per hour.
The scooter is available with the option of a lead-acid battery (7-8 hours charging time) and a 1.29 kW removable lithium-ion battery (including 2-3 hours charging time). 
BGauss claims that the A2 electric scooter will cover up to 110 kilometers once fully charged.

B8 superior performing scooter

The B8 is the company’s highest-performing scooter with a 1,900 watt, hub-mounted motor and 1.45kWh battery. This scooter has a choice of lead-acid battery (7-8 hours charging time) or removable lithium-ion battery (including 3 hours charging time).
The top speed of three variants of B8 electric scooter is 50 km / h.
The top model of the B8 has features like navigation support, live tracking, geo-fencing, ride matrix, and remote diagnostics. 
BGauss claims that the lead-acid model of this church scooter will run up to km6 km once fully charged and the lithium-ion model will run up to km0 km.

BGauss Riding modes and features

Both BGauss electric scooters have three rides called Low, Mid, and High. The A2 scooter is available in three color options, including Blue, Glacier Ice, and White.
At the same time, the B8 scooter will be available in Red, Blue, Gray, and White color options. 
The company said its electric scooters feature LED instrument panels, daytime running lights, keyless start, reverse assist, side stand sensor, centralized seat lock, USB charging, anti-theft alarm and anti-theft motor locking.

Booking in selected cities

Bookings for BGauss A2 and B8 electric scooters have just started for Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad and Panvel. Scooter distribution will begin in August.

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