Dead body of a woman found in BRS Nagar, Ludhiana

Punjab (16-04-2020): A woman’s body has been found in BRS Nagar, Ludhiana, it seems to be 2 days old. Which stinks.

It was identified as 43-year-old Geeta, who has been living in this house since October 2019. The lower building of the house housed the owner of the house and Geeta in the upper part.

Her husband lives in Hyderabad. Geeta has a store of pickles and Ayurvedic medicines in Ludhiana.

When the working lady reached home to get money from him, seeing him lying on the dead side of the deceased, he gathered vigorously and gathered the neighborhood and told about it.

Geeta’s arm was hanging and she was dying. Police was informed and according to doctors’ investigation the corpse may be 2 days old.

It does not appear to be a case of the deadly corona virus. But the body will still be sent for postmortem.

The doctor says that it could be a murder case and it was hit by breathing. The deceased’s face was sealed with a plastic envelope.

The police officer informed that he was informed in the control room in the morning that a woman was found dead in Bhai Randhir Singh Nagar.

Doctors were also informed about the panic of Covid-19. But he says that this matter is not related to Karona.

The police officer says that this death seems to have happened in a non-natural way. The real truth will be known only after the postmortem reports.

But it seems that someone has murdered them. She met the landlord two days ago and after that they did not see her. The investigation is on.

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