Drive your Activa with CNG – only Rs 15,000 kit and relieve costly petrol stress

With only Rs 15,000 kit and expensive petrol tension, run your Activa with CNG. Get a CNG kit on your Honda Activa and call bye-bye to the petrol price hike

Activa CNG Scooter: Petrol prices continue to skyrocket. Today, the price of petrol has also crossed Rs 83 per liter. In such a situation, ordinary people are facing many problems due to rising oil prices.

CNG has given some relief in the rise in petrol and diesel prices. And CNG related news will give you comfort that now you can also fit a CNG kit in your Activa.


Get a CNG kit on your Activa and say goodbye to the price of petrol. Because CNG is cheaper than petrol and it gives more mileage.

Many also install CNG kits in Activa. Actibar mileage with CNG kit is 100 km. The price of CNG is around Rs 47-48 per kg

CNG kit to be installed in Activa (CNG Activa scooter)

Honda has introduced many models in Activa. All the Activa models available in the market till now are all petrol-powered models.

Lovato CNG kit price

In such a scenario, Delhi-based CNG kit maker Lovato has launched a CNG kit for scooters. The price of this kit and the total cost to install it comes to around Rs 15000.

Lovato claims that you will eliminate this expense in less than a year.

Will run petrol and CNG Activa (CNG and petrol mode)

The special thing is that the Activa fitted with a CNG kit (Lovato CNG kit) can also be run on petrol if required. For this, the switch is made in Activa, you can make your scooter in CNG or petrol mode.

A machine operating CNG has been installed in the lower part of the seat. After installing the CNG kit, some CNG related graphics are kept in Activa so that they can be identified.


What is the Activa CNG Kit?

Applying CNG kit to Activa, where you can stay away from the pull of petrol price hike, there are some drawbacks with this kit.

One disadvantage is that only 1.2 kg of CNG can be filled in the LPG cylinder installed in Activa. And with this one cylinder, you can travel 120-130 km. After this distance, you will need CNG again.

You have to take the option of petrol with you when going on a long drive, as there is no facility to fill CNG everywhere.

Experts say that the CNG kit increases the mileage of your scooter but is unable to lift the engine. Therefore, if you walk on the highway or with some heavy luggage, the engine of the scooter will load.


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