FRSC Recruitment News : Applicants urge Federal Government to review age limit

Some candidates for the current recruitment of the federal road safety body have urged the federal government to revise the age limit of potential candidates.

They told the Nigeria news agency in Lagos that the government should revise the age limit of 30 to 35 years.

NAN reports that the FRSC had stipulated that candidates with a bachelor’s degree and a national high school diploma should not be older than 30.

Furthermore, the National Certificate of Education, the National Diploma and other equivalents must not be older than 28 years.

One of the applicants in Lagos, Nigeria Mr. Samuel Ogunmolu, told the NAN that most candidates cannot reach the final stage due to age limitation.

Ogunmolu stated that many of the candidates who had passed the required age were not qualified according to the current assessment.

“We call on the federal government to consider us so that we do not resort to wasted generations.

“This age-based discrimination is a major challenge for young people in this country.

“Banking is a forbidden area due to the same age challenge, we are imploring the government to consider us for work,” he said.

Another applicant, Ms. Titilayo Adebayo, told NAN that both age and marital status had discouraged her in the selection process.

Adebayo said that the selection process favored single people and candidates under 30.

“It is a pity that the young people of this country are in this situation.

“After spending many years in schools from primary institutions to institutions of higher education, the government has still denied us employment because of our age, it is very unfortunate.

“At least it is not our fault to reach that age before applying for work, the strike in various institutions has contributed to the fact that private sectors require five years of work experience.

“As a recent graduate, of course, I cannot produce what I do not have: I have only one year of work experience, which is the service to youth for the nation.

“So all this helps candidates reach 30 years of age or more before requesting the position.

“There should be no age discrimination in the work of this government until now the candidate is ready for work,” he said.

Adebayo urged the government to urgently review the ongoing evaluation to accommodate more candidates to the agency.

“Many of us were depressed in the field of projection, although the officers handle the situation with caution and attention.

“We know that only candidates with the required age will be pre-selected because everything is done transparently,” he added.

Source Punch

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