Google launches new Google Currents social media app

Google said within the app’s description on PlayStore that the app would enable customers to engage with their calligraphy, docs change, in addition to varying details about the functions of the corporate.



Google has re-launched its social networking platform Google+.


Google has launched this app under the name of Google Currents. Google Currents is now available on Google Play Store and Apple App Store.


Although Google’s app is now obtainable in every app shop, only enterprise clients will have the ability to use the app.


Google has not introduced when this app may be accessible to customers.


What is special about Google Currents?


Google has described the app within Play Store, stating that it is going to enable customers to change various details about content, paperwork and corporate actions.


This utility can be a great option for customers after the closure of Google Plus.


The only G suit available to buyers


The outline of this app within the Play store shows that the app is only accessible to G Suite customers.


9to5Google reviews that are outdated Google Plus URLs will still work and can redirect robots to Google Streams when in use.


Google+ closed in 2018


Google discontinued its Google Plus platform in 2018. Google has detected a bug within the utility programming interface (API) of its social media platform Google Plus. 

The report stated that external software program builders had the possibility to enter individual Google Plus profiles due to software program bugs.


Between 2015 and 2018, external builders attempted to disrupt the Google Plus profile knowledge break due to a lack of software programs. 

Considering Google, non-public information of about 500,000 people was infiltrated.

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