How to grow good vegetables with kitchen fertilizer at home

Grow good vegetables with kitchen fertilizer at home, without any investment, how it will happen, what things to use, know through this article.

Do you know how we can grow vegetables on the roof of our house by converting the daily waste of the kitchen into natural manure? I, Meenakshi Sharma, give you all the information about how you can grow vegetables by turning the daily waste of the kitchen into natural manure.

It seems strange to grow vegetables by converting kitchen waste into manure, but this is true. You can grow carrots, radishes, turnips, spinach and more from it in a very natural way and most importantly without using any kind of chemicals.

Rakhi Mittal has shown this miracle, yes, she never throws away her kitchen and household garbage i.e. vegetables, peels of fruits and tree pods, on the contrary she collects them in a container. Come, let us know how we can grow vegetables at home from kitchen waste and natural plants.

Follow these steps: 

First of all take a big flowerpot or any big drum.

Start putting garbage (every vegetable or fruit peels) coming out of the kitchen every day in the pot instead of the dustbin.

After adding garbage for the day, at the end of it, make a light layer by adding a little mud.

You do this every day until the flowerpot is halved. This transforms it into a good compost in a few days, and this compost will help us grow vegetables.

Now you have to make a pearl layer of the soil and put the desired vegetable seeds in it.

Keep giving water daily as needed. In a few days you will find vegetables emerging.

I think you must have understood how we can grow fresh vegetables at home and avoid chemical vegetables. I liked this way very much and I will implement it, will you do it too. Tell us how you liked this article by commenting.

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