Latest 111 Phrases/Wishes of Christmas and New Year 2021

Latest 111 Phrases of Christmas and New Year 2021 – Christmas and New Year are two very special dates that reflect all aspects of our experience and what we want to achieve for the future. The year is often full of ups and downs and, well, this 2020 has not been as good as ours. 

However, despite the difficulties and difficult moments, of course, the people on your side support you and always love you.

These people deserve your thanks and best wishes, don’t you think? That’s why at MeenakshiView we’ve compiled the 111 most original, fun, and sensitive Christmas and New Year 2021 phrases to thank your loved one for one more year.

Stay away from specific messages, Christmas greetings that you will find below, you must never see them before and you can use them to send to friends, partners, and family on WhatsApp, share on social networks or you can meditate on the money yourself. Christmas.

Are you waiting to read all this? You will love them!


Latest 111 Phrases of Christmas and New Year 2021

These Christmas phrases will make your heart smaller. Take note:

1. There is nothing better than being with you this Christmas. You made the hottest day the coldest day. I love you!

A beautiful Christmas phrase to dedicate to your partner. Will melt in pure love!

2. For Christmas: Happy New Year: Prosperity. And forever: our friendship.

A poetic phrase for sending Christmas to all those WhatsApp groups of your friends.

3. You may be miles away, but my heart is very close to yours.

Just because a loved one is away from you does not mean that you cannot celebrate Christmas by remembering him or her and his or her essence.

4. If your happiness depends on my friendship, from now on I tell you that you can consider yourself the happiest person in the world.

Your friend would love to receive a message on your mobile, so good luck. Don’t hesitate!

5. The mistake that can easily get your claim denied is to fail.

What would Christmas be like except for the person who makes everything in his touch?

6. Oops! This Christmas it seems like an angel has escaped from heaven. You can be very quiet, I won’t tell them where you are…

If you want to greet your son in a gentle and original way, this is your perfect Christmas message!

7. This is how you move forward in life: You start believing in Santa Claus, then you don’t believe in Santa Claus and eventually you become Santa Claus.

A very funny phrase that talks about Christmas and the inevitable passage of time.

8. I hope this Christmas will enlighten your heart when you remember those who are not here. Make sure they are always inside you…

This phrase is especially addressed to all those who have recently lost a loved one and it is difficult to find it worthy of a Christmas celebration.

9. Reindeer, shepherd, mule, bull, Virgin Mary, baby Jesus, nephew, niece, cousin and I wish you all … Happy Christmas and Happy New Year!

Holidays that are full of complexity are neither fun nor comfortable.

10. Place your right hand on your left shoulder and your left hand on your right shoulder. You hugged me there! Enjoy!

You can send virtual hags to WhatsApp or social networks as Christmas greetings. Most original!

11. Your smile is without a doubt the best Christmas decoration

Because there is nothing more beautiful than seeing a smile on the face of someone we love.

12. Christmas gives money that money can’t buy.

Because the Christmas season is full of love, peace, and joy.

13. Do you know what gift I wanted for Santa Claus this Christmas? Spend another year by your side.

Because you have the best gift next to someone you like?

14. Let these Christians be wrapped in joy paper and tied with a love ribbon.

A great metaphor for remembering the warm and loving atmosphere of the holidays.

15. Ready to celebrate Christmas as a child? Don’t stop enjoying her innocent pleasure!

Because when we were younger, was Christmas more enjoyable? How to release that magic time?

16. Love in your home on Christmas Eve is considered if you stop opening the gift and listen.

Christmas goes beyond physical gifts, with Christmas sharing some joyous and festive days with the family.

17. If you don’t know what to give to your loved ones during Christmas, give them your love.

Forget material gifts! Give affection and love!

18. Let us always keep Christmas bright even if other things are lost year after year!

Let’s never lose the spirit of Christmas!

19. It’s not Christmas time, it’s a state of mind. Merry Christmas!

Because the Christmas season brings the best in itself.

20. This Christmas can turn every wish into a flower, every tear into a wire, every pain into a smile, every heart into a beautiful violet … I wish you!

Use this kind of very basic phrase if you want to avoid specific Christmas messages.

21. Christmas is not about opening gifts, it’s about opening our hearts.

Again we want to be with the most sensitive and emotional part of this group.

22. Christmas: Time to give, time to share, time to love.

Spend most of your time at Christmas! You will never be able to live these unforgettable moments with your loved one again…

23. I decided to send you something super special for Christmas, but I have some problems … How can you wrap a hug and a big kiss? Have a nice holiday!

Because the best gifts are always unwritten.

24. The presence of a happy family is better than all the gifts under the Christmas tree.

There is no point in buying the joy of spending special moments with the people you love.

25. Smile, dream, enjoy, get excited, get excited … Merry Christmas!

Do what you want for Christmas! Don’t be afraid to say ‘… courage!

26. The best message of Christmas is that it arises from the silence of our hearts and tenderly fills the hearts of those who come forward in our journey through our lives.

Because words are blowing out of the air and true love is displayed with action.

27. No smell, no gold, no incense. This year I am asking three intelligent men to have a great match with you

And you? Have you already written your letter to Maggie?

26. Christmas Recipe: Put one liter of hope, one pinch of friendship, and different gestures of tenderness in a bowl. Bake the mixture with great pleasure and delight. Ready! Eat!

Have you ever seen a bigger Christmas recipe than this?

29. Gift advice for this Christmas: Forgive your enemy. Tolerance towards your opponent. To your friend, to your heart. For customer, service. Everyone, charity. For every child, a good example. By me, I respect it.

Sometimes money is spent on the best gift for Christmas.

30. It doesn’t need to survive Christmas, but with you, its value increases a thousandfold.

Is Christmas beautiful when you share it with your loved ones?

31. Christmas is the tenderness of the past, the value of the present, and the hope of the future.

A nostalgic phrase that invites us to remember the good times at Christmas.

32. Christmas is a magic whirlwind around the world and suddenly everything becomes smoother and more beautiful.

December has arrived and the magic of Christmas has spread across the planet.

33. Friends are like the Civil Guard’s radar, even if you don’t see them, they’re always there. Merry Christmas!

A hilarious Christmas phrase that will make your friends laugh. Send to WhatsApp!

34. Urgent: If you get a Christmas basket with ham these days, don’t take it! It’s a virus! Return it immediately and find out if I have antivirus. My responsibility as a friend!

If you’re looking for fun ways to welcome your family and friends over Christmas … you’ll find that you’ve come to the right place!

35. Time passes quickly but Christmas leaves us with eternal moments.

Christmas moments are usually unforgettable.

36. Merry Christmas to those who want a developed world full of peace, harmony, and hope.

Because we all deserve a fair world.

37. 100% Christmas: 10% rest, 25% food, 25% alcohol, 10% no diet, 30% laughter. Have a nice holiday!

And for you, what is the best way to celebrate Christmas?

38. One nougat is enough for Christmas, though according to a second thought, your friendship makes me lively.

A very creative phrase to send to your best friends. Are you signed up?

39. I hope we can temple the Christmas spirit and open one of them every month of the year, right?

We want to enjoy Christmas all year round!

40. Don’t expect me to forget you, or forget that I’m waiting for you … Merry Christmas!

A beautiful and ideal drama in words for very original Christmas greetings.

41. With this Christmas card you can do two things: save it or throw it away. Whatever you do with it, my wishes remain in your heart forever.

Because what matters is not just Christmas, it sends a detailed and beautiful message.

42. When Christmas calls us it is impossible for anyone to survive, from the youngest to the oldest they merge into one big embrace.

Christmas is the perfect date to reunite with family and get ready for all these lost moments in the year.

43. It is good to enjoy Christmas but it is better to share it with others.

There is no denying that the best part of the holiday is in our own organization.

44. This Christmas, you are my star.

Looking for a special Christmas message for your partner? What do you think about this?

45. The gift of love, the gift of peace, and the gift of happiness. At Christmas, they can all be under your tree.

A perfect poem to greet him you love the most at Christmas.

46. Ho, ho, ho! I’m not Santa Claus or I’m full of gifts, but I’m a message that he sends you that he loves you so much. Merry Christmas!

Do you want to be Santa Claus for a few hours and surprise your close friends?

47. It is a matter of time to realize the impossible. Merry Christmas!

Nothing is impossible by trying.

48. Warning to the whole people: The simulation of peace and love is over. Save the shrimp, insult your siblings.

Your WhatsApp contacts won’t be able to stop laughing when you send a weird phrase like Christmas and New Year.

49. From today I am ready to receive Christmas and New Year gifts. Houses, cars, boats, jewelry are accepted …

A fun way to create your holiday gift list.

50. I don’t know what to wear for Christmas and I got fat!

Christmas is hard to resist gastronomic craze, isn’t it?

51. General Christmas: Eat for the next 8 days until New Year’s dinner.

Who did this? Truth and truth like life!

52. Dear Santa: This year I want a slim body and a fat wallet, in that order! Try not to be confused like last year!

You can dedicate the key phrase of Christmas to your personal Santa Claus.

53. I have just arrived at Christmas and I have asked her to come to your house with a bag full of health and love for the new year.

This new year is something sacred to wish all your loved ones

54. Santa Claus: Bring me love, peace, and a long beer.

Make your Christmas wishes very clear.

55. This is the message of Christmas: We are never alone.

Through thick and thin, you will always support someone on your behalf.

56. Christmas is a must. We need to have at least one day a year to remember that we are here more than just ourselves.

This phrase by Arnold Eric Severis refers to the solidarity given during Christmas.

57. What unites the heart and the mind? Christmas magic! I hope you had a great holiday season.

Christmas is able to combine all the years that separate the rest of the year.

58. Sometimes someone comes into your life and you can instantly know that they were born there. This is why I am so happy to have you this Christmas

Why not express your deepest feelings with such a big Christmas statement?

59. If you travel the world in search of the Christmas spirit, you will not find it. Christmas is seen with the heart!

Christmas is invisible to anyone who doesn’t know how to look good

60. Merry Christmas! Have a good vacation and pray that intelligent people don’t learn to see your browsing history.

And you? Have you been good this year?

61. I offer to save this Christmas, so congratulations to you and take care to spread it among all my contacts. Have a nice holiday!

Funny message for holiday wishes!

62. Among you, I have to take more than I need and give more than I can give you. Merry Christmas!

Always give your best without expecting anything in return. Life will reward you!

63. The best Christmas to promote solidarity, peace, and friendship.

All positive emotions and values are intense on this date.

64. In the market you can buy a gift, cake, sweet but you can’t buy your friendship. This is a unique recipe! Merry Christmas!

A sentence full of emotion to celebrate friendship during Christmas.

65. The mayor of Belan was arrested for the need for the portal. Maggie is included. The baby will be born on a slate. Santa Claus introduced himself as a prosecutor. Merry Christmas!

No one can win you the real thing, which is why you should send Christmas to your friends in a fun way this Christmas!

66. With a shrimp and a shrimp, let me give you a kiss. Merry Christmas, with a front and my friendship. And with my love, which is precious Happy New Year for an egg.

Making your favorite people smile?

67. I know where you are? We are looking for you everywhere! You have to come back immediately, you are very important, you know very well that a birth scene cannot be created without a donkey. Merry Christmas!

Don’t miss the Christmas comedy!

68. If this holiday you see a man dressed in red in his chimney and put you in a sack, do not be afraid: I said that my gift is you.

Have you ever seen a sentence to greet a tender rather than Christmas?

Original and fun message to wish happy new year 2021

During December 31st, everyone gets a Happy New Year on their mobile, but none of it is fun and original:

69. For each day of the new year, a new desire to fight … Good luck with your new project!

Because we all have new resolutions in the new year. Greetings to your friends and loved ones!

70. Though we have lost hope, again many will come to awaken our hearts. Happy New Year 2021!

This coming year may be the best year for you and your family members. Remind him!

71. Hopefully your problems will survive until your New Year’s resolution. Happy 2021! : P

We all start the year with a lot of purposes, don’t we? Make no mistake about it, all these good intentions come back in the drawer a few months later.

72. For this new year I want as much water as the water of the sea, as much love as the sky stars love, and as much as the desert sand. Happy New Year!

Collect your best wishes in Christmas lessons because it is special and it is the same.

73.  I hope that in this new year your routine will be transformed into an adventure, your grief at the heavy smile and your sorrow at the great anticipation.

2021 can be a great year to transform negative forces into positive ones.

74. If life gives you hundreds of reasons to cry in 2021, you show that you have millions of reasons to laugh.

Never stop fighting! New Year’s rings are ready to eat the whole world

75. for New Year’s dinner … Does the mobile go left or right? Happy 2021!

This New Year’s greeting is ideal for those who can’t live without their smartphones. Very real, don’t you think?

76. Do you think someone is taking you too hard? Don’t worry, you’ve just got a big hug from afar. I wish you a Happy New Year!

Because even a hug can be sent from far away … Did you suspect?

77. In this new year, I want to give you everything that makes you happy and nothing that doesn’t hurt you.

A simple offering full of good wishes for the start of the new year

78. Only Your Best Wishes The best moments of 2020 turn into the worst moments of 2021. Happy New Year!

A very nice way to make the person closest to you happiest.

79. I never lack to fulfill your dreams, finish projects, learn something, and love someone. Happy New Year!

Be sure to clarify all your goals from the beginning of the year.

80. In 2021, don’t wait, it happens.

Knock on your door, go out, look for opportunities yourself, and don’t wait for opportunities to create them.

81. I’m just asking one thing: look up at the sky and count all the stars in it … all these good wishes that I send you for next year! Happy 2021!

Is there a better way to wish someone the best?

82. I hope that in 2021 you will not lose sight of the enthusiastic and positive personality that makes you so charismatic … feel yourself!

A perfect phrase to greet your friends and colleagues on the holidays.

83. Life has given us one more year and I want you to share it.

Tell your friend how excited you are to continue the adventure experience with him in the new year.

84. Happiness + 100 words. This new year is the sum of the reasons I want for your family and for you. Happy 2021!

Because living 10 years is nothing better than happiness and laughter.

85. When a dream comes true, smile a little. This will not stop the next 2021 faded dwarf smile. Happy New Year!

Ready to fulfill all your dreams?

86. I wish you 12 months of prosperity, 52 weeks of happiness, and 365 days of success. Happy 2021!

Some days can be bad for the whole year, a good thing to keep good things in the end, don’t you think?

87. I wish you a new mathematical year 2021: add all kinds of joy, subtract any kind of pain, multiply happiness by a thousand, and share the love with all your loved ones. Happy New Year!

A perfect phrase for those who are in love with a partner

88. Get happiness, health, love, money, peace, and everything you need this year. And everything you can’t find: Google it!

What would our life be like without Google, right? Solve all our problems!

89. A bottle of Kawa: 30 euros. A New Year’s Eve party: 50 euros. A party dress: 70 euros. I can congratulate you for the year: it is priceless! Happy 2021!

You can use this fun New Year’s phrase to write a fun Christmas card.

90. Have you had any unfulfilled dreams this year? Okay, you already have a goal to reach 2021. Happy New Year!

Each year provides 365 days to fight for our dreams. Don’t miss out

91. A wise man says: Man’s wealth is measured by the quantity and quality of his friends. Thank you for being part of my destiny. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Would you like to thank their friends for their friendship? Take this beautiful New Year message!

92. A Tip for the New Year: Take away the values that hurt you and fight for what you want.

In 2021 … don’t give up!

93. New year, new life. I went past. OK, saved bad, suppressed

Just stay with the good experience you had during 2020!

94. New Year is the best year to lay eggs for the next 365 days.

A New Year’s phrase that invites us to take out all the nails and energy that enters us.

95. Learn from tomorrow, live for today, hope for tomorrow. Happy New Year!

Every mistake is a lesson and an opportunity to start from scratch. Don’t forget!

96. With you for another 365 days, I love you!

You have one more year to create unforgettable moments with your boyfriend. Say it with this word!

97. Lesson of 2021: Don’t let a bad day turn into a bad life.

Since we all have gray days, the important thing is to learn to overcome them.

98. 365 days. 365 opportunities.

Don’t miss any train that goes through your life!

99. Happy New Year, my love. Never stop until it is good and optimal

Encourage your son by dedicating the Christmas sentence to inspire this look.

100. Twelve months, four seasons, a happy heart, and dreamy eyes… Happy New Year!

A very nice phrase to wish someone that their next year is better than going out.

101. 2021 can be the beginning of what you want. For the new year!

Don’t set limits, the goal is closer than you think.

102. It follows your dream of 2021. If you don’t reach them, at least lose weight!

Escape from common phrases! Congratulations to those close to you with an original message. And to ignite the excesses of Christmas!

103. My goal for 2021 is to meet my 2020 goal in 2019.

How much will it cost to meet the goals and objectives of the new year, right?

104. The Civil Guard reminds that those who drink and drink in the river again are fish, for the rest, they are 6 pst. Happy 2021!

A phrase to warn all your acquaintances with the end of the hangover.

105. This message goes to all of us who started 2020 single and finished the single.

Of course, you know without a partner for whom this New Year’s message isn’t going well.

106. The next year will be the year of consumerism. Everyone will have the same car, the same mobile, the same salary … Happy New Year!

Some things may not change much during 2021

107. The year 1974: The table is blessed before eating. The year 2021: Photographed before dinner.

It’s amazing how much life has changed with the advent of Instagram.

108. Don’t worry about the bad decisions you’ve made over the years … your friends will already have a responsibility to turn them into great stories.

The end of the year is the perfect time to remember all the strategies you have done with your friends so far.

109. I wish you a great holiday season so that at the beginning of the year you think it’s worth laughing at without paying.

Suitable phrase for those who have not had an easy year …

110. 2020 may not be the best year but it is full of unforgettable people, moments, and days.

Are you aiming for 2020 to improve?

111. This year I’ve loved, cried, fought, laughed, made mistakes, learned, grown-up, and met amazing people. Thanks, 2020 Hello 2021!

Take a stack of what’s happening in 2020 and welcome to 2021!

And you? Are you going to spend Christmas and New Year phrases with your family and friends? Give us an offer in the comments. And … Happy 2021, full of hope!

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