MView: Learn About Social Networks & False News

For a content marketing strategy that you expect to be successful, you must rely on transparency and truth in every way. On the other hand, social networks have allowed the rapid spread of false reports, which have hit millions of brands in the same way. How to successfully cope with the consequences of this accident? Here we tell you

What does the word “fake news” mean?

Obviously, this is the invented information, which does not reflect any real fact. However, during this time we can also group other types of deceptive content, such as the following:
  • Mammals of satire, which can be interpreted as real.
  • Misleading titles, whose information reveal a totally different idea.
  • Write the content class plus clickbase.
  • Combine real and proven facts with others that limit hypersensitivity and lies.
  • Fraud or information that tries to deceive a group of people offers false sources and data.


As we can see, false news can take any form. Therefore, the importance of recognizing and fighting them

How do you hurt your content marketing strategy?

Facebook has taken key measures mainly in recent months, which has affected most companies, such as:
  • Show more links and information than less branded content and common customers.
  • Key fines in sites for exchanging false information
  • To convert this social network into another reliable medium, promise to strengthen its security measures.
Learn About Social Networks & False News
While the Facebook team continues to solve this situation, the truth is that its rules are influenced by all types of companies, good, bad and regular. This is why it should be part of your strategy more than ever, without exception, in the social network that is needed to combat the lack of truth with different techniques. Let’s analyze the main one.

How is the quality of your content?

Should I remember that the content is still the king? Of course, because your visitors are looking for authentic information about your favorite network. When you promote your brand and the list of products and services, you must remember that quality is a feature that must be strong in your strategy. In return, this implies the following:

Relevant content:

Your viewers want information to guide them and provide them with the element to make profitable decisions. This means eliminating all kinds of useless and meaningless data. In the news on social networks related to your product or service, you must generate interest to be direct and useful without further movements.

Correct information

This concept goes beyond the highlighting of concrete facts. This also means that users avoid false hopes or exaggerate the benefits of their proposal because they will influence their credibility for a long time. Your readers will appreciate honesty at all times, as the quality standards of your service or product will get the best support for your campaign.

By monitoring the two previous aspects, you will be on the road to reinforce your name and position in a social network. Because of the structure and quality of its content, people will recognize it as a reliable source. However, this is the beginning of your plan to enjoy a good reputation in a digital ecosystem saturated with false news.

Learn About Social Networks & False News

Your source of information: what are you thinking?

When you create original content, you generally need to back up your information with high quality sources. Currently, the mention of search engines as links through hyperlinks is precious.

Even if I quote its source, the truth is that without exception, there should be total reliability. This is why you have to follow a precise method to include it, according to the following:

  • Compare information from your source to other people from the same source: it will always be necessary to check the accuracy of data and news on many media. If the main sites related to your niche have been confirmed, include the trust link.
  • If the source suspects it, even if it is reliable, includes an explanation: for example, news agencies usually report incidents at the last minute, clarify that the incidents are different, they could be different. If your content is susceptible to changes or is related to a type of information, it is not completely verified, and then declares to the public that it will examine it more.
Another example is the launch of new products by brands such as Apple or Google. Each new smartphone or device is surrounded by hundreds of entries, user-created drawings based on filtered data and similar content.

All of this generates traffic and interest, however, to prevent your brand from spreading information that can be considered as a database or false news, which has been officially disclosed and is still being investigated. In this way, your audience will be informed, but you will never be deceived by news or groundless news.

Focus on the rules of each social network

The phenomenon of false news is also linked to other negative aspects of content marketing, such as spam and other types of unwanted practices. For example, your information may be indisputable in terms of quality, accuracy and usefulness. However, if it does not respect its particular rules, any social network may consider it harmful. Among the main social networks, Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook ask users to:
  • Share the same link, either from your home page or company blog, repeatedly on individual pages in a very short time, as it will be considered as unwanted commercial content.
  • Any type of images and information that violate the copyrights of third parties.
  • Images and videos showing violence, even if they are part of serious news.
Learn About Social Networks & False News
Therefore, carefully monitor these aspects, as none of them represents a threat to your brand. The quality of its content, with the strict observance of the rules of social networks, is a definitive formula for success.

Listen to your audience

Finally, it is important to maintain constant communication with the public of your social network, know what you like, what you think your content should be correct and, of course, what you do not like.

This feedback will be the starting point for connecting and creating basic information that will provide optimal answers to your questions and improve your experience. In this way, organic access through these means will multiply, generating more traffic on your website.


Monitor each of the previous aspects of social networks and false news; strengthen your content marketing strategy. Your audience needs honesty, strictness and transparency. It is relatively easy to obtain, and means quality, which includes extensive research to produce highly prestigious sources and information that conforms to each of the rules of each social environment in which it will be distributed.

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