MView News: A Major Hindrance to the Punjabis Going to Canada – Case Reaching to PM

Major Hindrance to the Punjabis Going to Canada
There is bad news for Punjabi youth who want to go to Canada to get higher education and get permanent residency. World Education Services (WES), which evaluates students ‘certificates and other documents seeking admission in Canada, stop evaluating the students’ certification from Punjab Technical University.
This means that B.Tech. Punjab Technical University and MBA entry in Canada will now make engineering and management courses for all students, as these certificates of these students will not be evaluated. Let WES be the first stage of enrollment in Canada for these evaluation students. Only after the decision about admission or permanent residence in Canada for higher education for Canadian Embassy students

WES is the future stakeholder of all students due to this decision, which has joined the PTU. By studying, your file was set up for Canada. WES After this decision, the students expressed their grief over Twitter by contacting Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the Human Resources Ministry and intervened in this matter and demanded a dialogue with Canada. On Twitter, Punjab Chief Minister Captain Amarinder Singh and Central Food Processing Minister Harsimat Kaur Badal were also asked to intervene in this regard.

Major Hindrance to the Punjabis Going to Canada
Major Hindrance to the Punjabis Going to Canada

World Education Services (WES) says

In this regard, the WES has answered questions from students on Twitter, the assessment agency said in its response that after changing the education sector and the investigation conditions, the agency has suggested PTU. The evaluation work of students has been halted and we are sad to address the problems faced by the students in this regard. At the same time the agency has also said that PTU Students who have come to the agency for assessment of the files will be returned.

Punjab Technical University (PTU) Says

After the WES response, the students have contacted Punjab Technical University in this regard. In response to the students, the University’s Dean (Academic) Personal Assistant, Naresh Kumar has written that the University is in WES. After this decision has been taken, the students will be informed.

Source: Punjabkesari

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