N-power Nexit Portal 2020 Sign Up and Registration Guide

N-power Nexit Portal 2020 Sign Up and Registration Guide – A few days ago the NPower Nexit portal has been launched. It has been initiated by the Federal Ministry of Humanitarian Affairs, Disaster Management, and Social Development in association with the Central Bank of Nigeria – CBN. 

The main function of this portal will be to help the deported N-Power reach the beneficiaries, and help them to access various CBN empowerment options.

Following the announcement that the entire first batch of NOP beneficiaries has been displaced, hundreds of beneficiaries complained about this because they had outstanding stipends as well as the federal government promised to exploit them after 2 years of service.

Beneficiaries of Batch A and Batch B of Empower asked for payment of their outstanding stipends and announced a clear exit strategy. 

Beneficiaries were reminded of their commitment to government loans which would help them to set up their businesses and become entrepreneurs.

While the CBN intervention option was introduced in collaboration with the Ministry of Human Rights to help the beneficiaries introduce access to the alternatives, the departing beneficiaries must present the necessary information to accommodate the CBN intervention options. 

The NEXIT portal will decide on the suitability of the candidates and may be admitted in a combination of reasons and circumstances as determined by the CBN.

N-power all the beneficiaries of batch A and B will have to log on to the Nexit portal and sign up to submit their application. 

It will be indispensable to read, understand, and accept the conditions before you proceed. The link to the N-power Nexit portal to log in or signup is below.

N-power Nexit Portal 2020 Sign Up and Registration Guide

See the N-Power Nexit portal sign up and registration process:

Copy the URL of the portal above and open it in the browser. It is currently working. Jaida will work slowly due to traffic. If you are bored waiting, use it at night, the portal will work faster.

You have to get your bank verification number (bvn) before starting the registration process. If you have it then it is good, otherwise, get it. Because after completing other required details you will get the option to submit your bvn.

To sign up for the Empower CBN Nexit program go to nexit-fmhds.cbn.gov.ng/auth/signup and fill out all the required information, then submit it.

After submitting the application, you will receive an email confirming it. Follow the email link to verify your account before logging in with your email and password.

Once logged in, fill out all the questions carefully as they will determine your eligibility. When done and wait for the response from the organizing agency.

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