Open JIO Petrol Pump and Earn more than 10 Thousand Rupees Per Day, Know How

Mukesh Ambani’s business empire ranks seventh among the 10 richest countries in the world.

After a significant investment in JIO platforms, Reliance has expanded its retail business with the launch of JioMart, which has now opened Reliance Jio Petrol Pump.

According to sources, Reliance’s petrol pumps will be named JIO-BP, which is why Reliance has signed an agreement with British Petroleum.

The deal is worth 1 billion, and anyone can join the JIO Petrol Pump and make a good income by joining Reliance.

Thousands of JIO petrol pumps could be opened

Thousands of JIO petrol pumps are being launched in the country, at present Reliance has decided to open about three and a half thousand new petrol pumps.

If one wants to open a petrol pump and be able to make the necessary investments and meet other conditions, they have a high chance of joining and doing business in Ambani in the future.

The two agencies will work together

Following an agreement between British Petroleum and Reliance Industries, the two companies will work together on energy and mobility. The joint venture is called Reliance BP Mobility Limited (RBML).

What happened to British Oil?

British Petroleum (BP) has invested $1 billion in Reliance Industries under an agreement with Reliance Industries (RIL). British Petroleum Reliance Industries has acquired a 49 per cent stake in the fuel retail business.

The name will be JIO BP Petrol Pump

Following the agreement, Reliance’s petrol pumps will be renamed JIO BP. Reliance’s retail business is currently called Reliance Petrol Pump.

Will the rules apply?

The same rule applies to opening Reliance-BP petrol pumps if more than one petrol pump is launched in the country. The opening age of petrol pumps can be between 21 to 60 years

At least Rs 15 lakh to Rs 20 lakh is required to open a petrol pump with an area of 1,200 to 1,600 square feet. The city operates less than 800 square meters.

How beneficial this is

You can save 2-3 rupees per litre by reducing the cost and expense of opening the Reliance-BP petrol pump. Selling 500 gallons of petrol a day saves Rs 10,000. After verifying the land and other documents, the dealership will be available within a month

How to Open the JIO BP petrol pump

If anyone wants to open a Reliance-BP petrol pump, they can find the information on the company’s website:

Here are the details of starting a business: In addition to petrol pumps, lubricants can work in a variety of ways, including Trans Connect connected franchises, Aviation Fuel, A1 franchises.

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