Piaggio launched e-commerce platform for commercial vehicle

Italian firm Piaggio has launched a new e-commerce platform in India for its industrial autos. On this platform, prospects can also see product options and technical information and only Rs 1000/- you can e-book online by paying.



  • Piaggio has launched an e-commerce platform for industrial automobiles
  • Buy industrial autos sitting at residence, will not go to the showroom
  • You will get finance and residential supplies
  • Specifically the introductory on-line water supply of Rs 2000 as an additional benefit


You could buy grocery and digital items on the e-commerce platform, although now you can also buy industrial autos on it.


Piaggio Vehicles Pvt. Ltd. (PVPL) has launched a new e-commerce platform for its three-wheel industrial auto.


It is the first of its kind platform in India’s industrial automobile business.


PVPL is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Europe’s leading Italian Piaggio Group within the two-wheeler sector and is an important producer of small industrial autos in India.


Earlier, Piaggio launched an e-commerce web site for its two-wheelers on June 10, 2020.


Now a new e-commerce platform for industrial automobile model ‘App’ is being launched. This step has been taken keeping in mind the need for a patron of business autos.


This new e-commerce platform brings all of Piaggio’s industrial vehicle dealerships in India to a neighborly association and expertise.


No need to go to showroom


Corporate says that this new initiative is an attempt to counter the expertise of the customer, while proposing a unique value.


Within the the e-commerce platform, the customer can simply navigate to different sections of the web site www.apeautomall.com.


After choosing the city, the customer will get the fashions available in the market from where he can choose the mannequin of his choice.


Prospects can also see product options and technical information on this platform.


Prospects can try the ex-showroom and on-road price for her metropolis, calculate EMI, apply for a mortgage from her most popular financier, and get a full Rs.1000. You can probably e-book online for payment.


The amount of water supply can be safely paid through various options as per buyer’s option, to pay wallet, net-banking, bank card, or debit card.


Piaggio has supplied various finance options for patrons and prospects can apply for the required amount of mortgages on this platform.


After submitting the necessary paperwork and closing costs, the chosen automobile will be transported to the customer’s residence by a skilled employee of the dealership taking good care of all security measures.


EBook Favorite Mannequin Sitting


Diageo Graffi, Chairman and MD of Piaggio noted, “Piaggio is the main model within the three-wheeler cargo class and small industrial autos.


The model believes in providing the most effective service and options to its prospects according to the changing purchasing strategies.


With the launch of this specific platform within the Industrial Automobile House, our prospects will be able to e-book their favorite effigies from their residence, they will not want to return to the showroom.


We speculate that this Indian industrial automobile is the primary of its kind provided indoors, which may benefit our prospects in some ways.


We are constantly innovating in our goods and processes to meet the fixing opportunities. We have received many additional initiatives for our prospects closer to the future. ‘


The corporate mentioned that taking full care of hygiene and following the rules, reopening dealerships across the country.


Currently, many of PVPL’s dealerships are operational and take care that prospects get free service and extensions are guaranteed.


It was initiated by the corporate at the beginning of the Kovid-19 disaster.

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