Post Office Time Deposit Scheme – Gives more Interest than Bank FD

Post Office Time Deposit scheme will be available here, more interest from bank FD, only Rs 5 lakh will have to be deposited up to 2.5 lakh


Many people consider Fixed Deposit (FD) as a better way to invest money, which keeps their money safe and also adds a good interest.


In such a situation, post office schemes are always considered reliable in terms of investment. This is why most people prefer to invest in it.


Another great scheme has come out from the post office called Time Deposit. Post office time deposit scheme gives you more interest than bank FD.



You can invest in it not for 1, 2, 3 years but for 5 years. You can get a benefit of 2.25 lakhs over 5 lakhs if you invest 5 lakhs for a period of 5 years in a time deposit.


In the post office time deposit scheme you will get interest at compounding rate of 7.7% per annum. In such a situation, this amount will increase to Rs 7,24,517 on maturity.


If you take this plan for 3 years, then the maturity amount will be Rs 6.10 lakh and Rs 5,71,381 on 2 years deposit, while on 1 year deposit, the maturity amount will be Rs 5,34,500.


Important things related to post office time deposit

If you take this scheme, then the post office guarantees you 100% investment protection in this scheme.


This scheme can be opened from a minimum of 1000 rupees.


There is no limit to the maximum amount of this scheme


These accounts can be opened both individually and collectively.


If an account has to be opened in the name of a minor, the parents can join it as a guardian.


Time allows the investor to withdraw his funds in case of emergency before the deposit matures.


However, for this, the first deposit in the account has to be completed for 6 months.


The project also has an exemption for investment for 5 years under Section 80C of the Income Tax Act, 1961.


For more information and to open this scheme you are advised to visit the nearest post office.

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