Pratigya 2 (Mann Ki Awaaz) Sajjan Singh and Pratigya will be Seen Once Again

Sajjan Singh and Pratigya will be seen once again in the upcoming new serial “Mann Ki Awaaz Pratigya 2”. Its first season was very popular and now in the second season, a new avatar of Sajjan Singh will be seen.

In 2020, due to the corona outbreak, the whole world had to face lockdown even in difficult situations. During this time, the re-enactment of many popular shows that came to entertain the public on TV revived old memories of listeners and fans.

Given this, ‘Mann Ki Awaaz Promise 2’ (Mann Ki Awaaz Promise 2) is being brought to the show. Now again, Srijan Singh will get fired, and this promise will give Sajjan a suitable answer.

Pratigya 2 (Mann Ki Awaaz) Sajjan Singh and Pratigya will be Seen Once Again

Allahabadi Jalwa Once Again

In this new season, the viewers will see the big stars of this show again, in which Anupam Shyam will also be seen with the main actor’s Pooja Gaur and Arhan Bahal.

Now again the audience will be entertained in new ways. Anupam Shyam will entertain the audience with his romance as well as his romantic style and folklore. Let me inform you, a new teaser of the show also came out on the occasion of Women’s Day, where Pooja Gaur, who played the role of Anika, spoke on behalf of women.

Anupam Shyam Said

Actor Anupam Shyam, who is keen to return to ‘Mann Ki Awaaz Pratigya 2’, said a lot of important things.

  • He said, ‘I feel very good coming back to my home and working on this show is my own fun.
  • I am glad that creative producer Pearl Gray has once again given me the opportunity to be Sajjan Singh.
  • The identity of Srijan Singh that I got on TV is only because of the viewers.
  • Fans of ‘Promise’ always ask me when season 2 will come and I’m tired of saying I have no idea, but viewers’ guesses have fulfilled their wish and ‘Mind’ is coming back with Promise-2’s voice.

New Incarnations will be Seen

Speaking about Srijan Singh’s new style on the show, actor Anupam Shyam said, ‘Sajjan Singh has become a grandson and a grandson this season, he has calmed down a bit but his attitude is still the same. Huh.

The children spend more time in Rama and have romantic talks with their Thakurains. This time he will appear in a romantic style to the audience, who will always be seen singing the ideal song (folk music) for his goddess.

The roar of Srijan Singh will be the same again but in a new way. I have loved folk music from the beginning, which is now giving me the opportunity to hum on TV through the new season of ‘Mann Ki Awaaz Competition 2’.

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