Raftaar Bumblebee Review Price Top Speed and more

Hello friends, today we will talk about the electric scooter Bumblebee of Raftaar Motors, know more about the specialty of this scooter, its price and will also tell you about its review.

I myself have bought Raftaar Bumblebee electric scooter and in this article, I am going to share with you the experience I got after driving it.

Raftaar Bumblebee Review Price Top Speed and more

Why I Bought the Raftaar Bumblebee Electric Scooter

I wanted to buy an electric scooter which is in my budget and for this, I visited the ex-showroom of many electric scooters. I have seen scooters from different companies like TNR, Yukie, Kinetic Green, Avon, and many more.

And in the midst of all this, I also saw speed scooters. But the design and look of most of the scooters are similar to each other. But I wanted a scooter that had a different design and looks.

In all this, I really liked the Bumblebee model of Raftaar which has a different look and design. That’s why I bought Raftaar Bumblebee, ran it, and am sharing my experience with you here. 

If you also want to buy Raftaar Bumblebee, then definitely read this review of mine. In this, along with its merits, I have also told some of the flaws that I saw.

So let’s start the Raftaar Bumblebee review

Raftaar falls in love with Bumblebee. Its design entices its look. You will find it in many colors including Red, Blue, Lemon, White, and Grey.

It has a different view in red and lemon color, it attracts you towards it.

Unfortunately, I could not find Bumblebee in lemon colors. I waited for several days for this but I was told that the company has stopped its production in lemon color, so I was told by the dealer from whom I bought Raftaar Bumblebee.

The Bumblebee is very smooth to run, and it is a lightweight two-wheeler. Anyone who has never driven a car, if he drives, will feel like he is driving a car.


The Raftaar Bumblebee comes with a lithium battery and with that, you get a 72-watt charger, which can cover a distance of 90 to 100 kilometers according to the company on a single charge.

The experience of the battery that I got is absolutely correct; it goes for 90 to 100 kilometers on a single charge. According to the company, the battery takes 4 to 5 hours to charge, so this is also true, I put the battery on charge, when the battery was completely down, it took 4:30 hours to charge.

As I told you that I will also tell you about its minus point along with its features.

So the one minus point I found in this is that it doesn’t give any signal when the battery is down. It goes down completely on the go, which bothers you on the way. Exactly the same thing happened to me, the battery meter signal given in it does not work.

Raftaar Bumblebee Speed

It has 3 modes of speed. In the first mode, it gives you a speed of up to 38, in the second mode, the speed bumblebee easily catches the speed up to 44, and in the third mode 50.

Talking about the speed, the top speed of Bumblebee is said to be 58. But when you drive it on the road, it gives a top speed of up to 50 to a single person.

If 2 people are seated in it, then you will get its top speed up to 47 and 48.

Other Features

In this, you get tubeless tires, a remote key, LED headlight, tail light, left-right turn indicator, and get a return button for reversing the scooter.

Raftaar Bumblebee Price

You will get it easily from Rs.75000 to Rs.90000, this price may vary according to a different state, I have bought it in Ludhiana Punjab for Rs.80000.
Hope you liked this article, do tell in the comment box below to share your opinion and if you want to know any more information about Raftaar Bumblebee, then you can also tell in the comment below.

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