Serial Anupama: Will Pakhi win the competition without Kavya

Written Update: Anupama gave a great performance of her dance, yet she is going to lose this competition. Will Pakhi beat Anupama in the competition, read the full news to know.


Will Pakhi Win the Competition without Kavya

A tremendous twist will now be seen in the serial Anupama. Can it ever happen that there is no drama in Anupana’s house?

The troubles in Anupama’s house were not taking the name of lessening that now another trouble is about to enter. Due to this Fans will get a big setback as Anupama is going to lose in the dance competition.

Anupama was challenged by Kavya that she would defeat him. But Pakhi is shocked to see Anupama’s team dance. Kavya will leave the competition without dancing. For once, it will seem that Pakhi is destined to be a joke on the stage, but Anupama will come forward to save her. This time she will support Pakhi in a different way.

Though Anupama decides that she will not disappoint Pakhi anymore, but now again there is an opportunity where Anupama has to make Pakhi sad. Also, Anupama doesn’t want her daughter to lose at any cost, and in the meantime, she will come up with an idea.

Anupama will make Pakhi angry to boost her confidence. Anupama will think that if she speaks lovingly to him, she will never listen to him. In such a situation, he will tease Pakhi, due to which Pakhi gets angry.

Pakhi turns red with anger upon hearing Anupama’s words, and decides that she has to show everyone that she can dance alone.

Now it has to be seen how Anupama can bring back her lost confidence to Pakhi. Along with this, you will also be able to see where Kavya finally disappears before the performance, the upcoming episode is going to be fun and interesting.

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