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Smile i.e. Balance of body, mind and soul

The best thing about God is man. In the creation of the universe, God created man in the end. He gave the greatest gift to man to a smile. The art of smiling God has given only to man in the whole creation.

Newborn baby brings with you a lovely and innocent charming smile. But as the man grows up, the divine smile goes down in his life. Well, in our everyday life we often smile in appearances or in compulsions, but that smile does not reach our soul and mind.

But when our mind smiles then the limbs of the body smile and the soul is also blissful. The soul’s smile goes to the Vibration’s Universe, and then it multiplies and returns to us. It is the rule of the Universe that whatever we give to him, he returns to us.

Smile full of Healing Power:

There is a surprisingly healing power in a smile that can remove our physical and mental pain. The smile softens the burden of our actions. Saints also call it the gate of salvation.

Now many people will say that there are so many problems in life, from where the real smile means the soul smile and how to bring it? But if you start smile meditation, you will smile in every situation.

Emotions and emotions will be successful in controlling the tide. The first few months may be that your smile is limited to only physical levels, but gradually you will assimilate it.

Because you are continuously giving your brain command – Smile smile smile. Brain is the master of our body. The command he gives, the body does the same, and at one time it will come that your soul will reach this smile.

You will reach such a situation, where the worrisome situation will not be able to distract you from the woes of life.

The power of Lord Vishnu:

South Korean professor Park J. Wu researched over the years of smile and its benefits and came to the conclusion that Smile is a symbol of balance, mind and soul. When we exclude negative thoughts from our lives and decide that I do not want to become the cause of someone’s misery then the mind and soul become sophisticated.

When we share happiness with others, our own life becomes even better. The pleasure and satisfaction of doing good work will bring a smile on the face. You can experiment a few days to try. At home, your relationship with the people in the office will begin to become sweet.

God has given us two infants to smile. When we smile, the expressions of our faces change, our eyes smile, the corners of our heads rise upwards. Professor Park J. Woo has spent a lot of time in India.

He told the Indians to explain that Smile is Lord Vishnu’s power. If we leave our body in Smile State then the soul is liberated.

If we leave the body with feelings like anger, hatred, anger, then God says that with the smile I sent you on earth, he did not bring you along. So go back to earth and come back with a smile.

Writer- Sarjana Sharma (Dainik Bhasker)

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