Tips on social media strategies for beginners

Tips on social media strategies for beginners
Tips on social media strategies for beginners
Social networks have emerged for a long time as a good advertising and marketing platform for e-commerce companies. These channels are effective in many ways to reach a wider audience, increase brand awareness and direct them to users. The new participants in the electronic commerce sector also want to carry out marketing activities in these channels; however, not knowing the dynamics of these channels or determining a direct social media oriented strategy can reduce the efficiency of the work done in these channels.

In this guide, we will provide brief information on creating social media strategies. Especially for people who do not have much experience in managing social networks, the information we share here will be very useful.

How can you create a social media strategy?

Your e-commerce site will be the backbone of this marketing strategy. The purpose of their work in different social networks is to attract users to their e-commerce site, promote their brand and increase their sales. For this reason, your strategy must be configured on your website.

Having a strategy will help you increase your return on investment in this area, as it will help you make healthier and more productive long-term efforts.

5 key factors in your strategy

Tips on social media strategies for beginners
Tips on social media strategies for beginners
The cornerstones of each strategy are found. Create a strategy without understanding these fundamental stones; reduce the recycling of your work. These are the cornerstones:


You must have a goal in your work in social networks. You can have different goals, like raising brand awareness, driving traffic to the website, making product promotions, creating interaction and expanding your goals by focusing on all of them.


To get the best results from your work in social networks, you need to be able to analyze your target audience well and attract the attention of this target group. Moreover, the target audience analysis helps you reach the masses that can directly affect you on social platforms.

Types of content:

It is very important to use different types of content and to create content that will attract the attention of the target audience. Since most of your social media strategy will affect the content you create, you should create a good content calendar and keep your interactions high with different types of content.


It is very important to use in which social networks to focus. It is important to develop strategies in the channels that the target audience uses intensively and which will provide you with the greatest amount of money laundering.

Management Process:

Once you have prepared your strategy, it is also important to implement this strategy and manage your accounts. Follow and share content, interact and communicate with followers, determine who and how to manage accounts is among the parts of the management process.

Implementation of the strategy

To implement your strategy, you must first consider your goals in social media marketing. It does not need to focus on a single goal; you can focus on more destinations.

When you have different goals, the content you create and the advertising campaigns must also support these goals. For example, if one of your priorities is raising awareness of your brand, you can create content that identifies your brand, or you can create ad campaigns and create content that will drive your e-commerce site. With advertising texts that promote your products and services, you can show your brand to a different audience.

By doing these jobs, you can also share your followers with sales and alternative products. The important thing here is to use the appropriate content for your purposes, use this content organically or in a way that serves these purposes.

Once your goals have been set, you must identify your target audience well. Choosing the target group that best reflects your client’s profile allows you to get more recycling of your work. If you do not do it on social platforms, there will be a decrease in your return on investment, since it will cause your ads to be shown to an audience that is not relevant to you.

In the content production phase, it is useful to establish different content concepts and to create interaction and recycling with this content. By sharing photos of common products alone, after a while your followers will start to get bored. In this sense, it is very important to create content concepts that will attract your attention and interact with you.

Any social platform may not be suitable for your brand; it is also very difficult to manage all the platforms at the same time. For this reason, it is very important to identify the social networks that your target audience actively uses and will provide you with the most results. In this way, you will reach the right audience and work more efficiently. If you try to manage all accounts without your social network device, the quality of the service will decrease, as it will increase the workload.

Finally, when we reach the management section, it is very important that you are active in social networks, checking your accounts regularly, interacting with your followers, monitoring your advertising campaigns and analyzing the results. If you do not do these studies and set a standard for your social networking activities, you will reduce your productivity. Therefore, you should participate fairly well in the management process.

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