What are the benefits of studying online?

What are the benefits of studying online? – Nowadays almost everything from communication to learning can be done online. However, many parents are still reluctant to introduce their children to online learning methods. It is very common. Parents worry that their children will become addicted to the Internet and gadgets.

Another concern that is often expressed by parents is the lack of interaction that occurs in online learning. But in reality, there are many benefits to learning online that can complement the learning process of children in school.

There is a lot of information on the internet that can be taken from various sources. On YouTube, for example, there are many educational channels where children can learn and read language learning materials, natural sciences, and math.

In addition to these, there are now many interactive kids educational apps with interesting images so kids can learn. Moreover, online education can satisfy the interests and interests of children satis

In fact, the current learning method is completely online. Try, especially the many online classes spread abroad. Even in school, it is not uncommon for teachers to use online resources to teach their students. It shows that the education system is moving towards online education.


What are the benefits of studying online? See the explanation below.

Adaptation to the child’s learning speed

In school, teaching materials are designed to be completed in one semester. Therefore, sometimes the material is strictly provided by the teacher. As a result, children may be left behind because they do not understand many things.

In online learning, learning is more flexible so that it can adapt to a child’s learning ability and speed. If they are faced with elements that are difficult and require more practice, it is possible to learn more slowly. If they learn it, the learning can be accelerated or the content can be omitted.

To explore more freely

While studying online, children can choose what subjects they want to read. Children are encouraged to learn on their own, without being forced to choose what they want to learn.

Online education is very capable of supporting the education received in school so that children can acquire more knowledge. For example, school children can learn that the sky is blue and the clouds are white. But he wondered why the sky could be blue. Kids can find these answers through online learning. In other words, online learning methods can pique the curiosity of children.

More flexible

The online learning system is more flexible because it can be done anywhere. Kids don’t have to sit in class for a few hours. Children can learn online when they are at home, in the living room, in the bedroom, at the bar, or on the go.

The study time is also not rigid, so it can be adapted to your child’s daily activities. Also, online study can save your child time and time and prevent them from getting stuck in traffic while driving. This means you can save money without spending extra on gas and parking.

Furthermore, learning online means learning is no longer limited to distances and places. In other words, your child can study with teachers from other countries. It is certainly good for the development of children, especially for their foreign language skills.

It can combine multiple learning styles

Sometimes, a child’s learning style may differ from the teacher’s teaching style in school. As a result, children do not feel at home or are lazy to learn. Online learning can adapt to different learning styles as available methods and materials change.

If your child likes to learn through pictures, lessons or videos, you can find them online. By choosing such a learning method according to the child’s learning style they will be more interested in being actively involved in their learning.

Internet literacy needs to be increased

Internet literacy skills such as access to information, communication, and collaboration are now essential for learning and success in this digital age. This ability is important not only in the learning process but also in later activities and in general life.

Of course, this ability should be trained with parental supervision. Not even very good for kids. Therefore, the ingredients swallowed by children should still be monitored by parents.

Teach discipline and responsibility

Since learning online is more flexible, it requires stability, discipline, motivation, and time management skills to be successful.

Since there is no teacher to remind them of their deadlines, children need to learn to manage their time. Thus, children can learn to be responsible for their own learning.

There are many benefits to studying online. The bottom line is that, as parents, we continue to monitor and sort out the materials that children use to keep up with their age so that they don’t get too far away.

As the epidemic subsides, schools will reopen, and many school colleges will have new vacancies. Teacher Services Commission (TSC) recruitment is expected to start soon. Therefore it is a time of the past.

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