Zee Marathi Dancing Queen Audition Online from Home?

Popular channel Zee Marathi is coming soon with a new TV show.

The channel is preparing to launch a dance television reality show called Dancing Queen.

TV shows have a very unique concept. Registration for Zee Marathi Dance Queen has started.

To know how you can audition for Marathi Dance Queen.

Zee Marathi Dancing Queen Audition Online from Home?

See the step-by-step details below.


Zee Marathi Dancing Queen will perform and provide opportunities for talented Overside girls.

This is the first dance reality show in India with innovative ideas.

Zee Marathi Dancing Queen takes the initiative to spread the message that all bodies are elegant and talented.

The TV show will definitely promote body positivity. Many girls feel confident and happy when they watch this show.

The Queen gives dancers a golden opportunity to dance. Zee Marathi provides this great platform to showcase their talents.

The channel will launch the TV show with ‘Dancing Queen, Acre Bade Full Charge’.

How To Audit Zee Marathi Dancing Queen 2020 Online?

Registration for dance television reality shows is only available to girls.

Girls between the ages of 15 and 70 kg can participate in the show.

To attend the Zee Marathi Dancing Queen, you can send your audition video to 9321 797 565 WhatsApp.

The last date for registration is August 14, 2020. If your app show team selects a team, they will contact you for further processing.

Following the official announcement, more information on hosting the judges and the introduction of the Zee Marathi Dance Queen will be available on the page.

Stay tuned for the latest updates from the latest TV shows.

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